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Lumb Brook road


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I had occasion to drive down Longwood road on Sunday and continued down Bridge Lane on to Lumb Brook Road, all the signage from the top island of Bridge Lane indicated that Lumb Brook road was closed for road repairs, not so, the road was clear and I was able to continue under the bridge and onto Chester Road, luckily I had been informed that the road was operable over the weekend, how many people diverted due to the signage stating it was closed, why don't the contractors have flip over signs that can indicate the state of play? :roll:

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Anybody have any idea how long those dipsticks will be causing more traffic chaos by digging up Lumb Brook road ? as usual there's sod all on the council site about this total inconvenience yet again :roll::roll::roll:


Twas on here a few eeks ago Tony :wink:



There is something on the Council's web site but talk about hard to find...... :roll: Logic says to look in the highways section eh but logic clearly does not apply to their website and I eventually found it with a search in their 'news' section :roll: Keeps the old brain sells active though :lol:


Info here and link on the page to a pdf map ....... all to take about 8 weeks apparently :?



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