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Warrington Old photos, Well that was a short layoff!.


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Thanks to Garry assuring me that he was more than happy for me to continue sharing the old photos of Warrington, I have agreed to continue placing them on here. :D


Many of these photograph?s may be available

from the Warrington Museum/Library and will

be of far superior quality to those viewed here.




Widening Sankey Street with Holy Trinity Church in the background.



Excavating the remains of Warrington's Friary.



17th Century brickwork on a timber framed house in Pattens Lane.



This early 15th century house was at the time the oldest in Warrington and situated between Fennel Street & Cockhedge Lane.



Another view of the oldest house.



The living room of the oldest house.



The Fireplace.



1911. The Fox Inn numbered ready to dismantle for preservation, the timbers were stored on Victoria Park where they would remain until the early 1940s' where they rotted away.



1912. The Fox Inn, Buttermarket Street being dismantled for preservation.



1912. The rear of the Fox Inn.



Inside the Fox Inn, note the wallpaper.



The west end of the Fox Inn.



The east end of the Fox Inn showing the wattle & daub wall.



1854, Demolishing theOld Court House on the site of the old Market Place the building had been built in1614 and had housed the the old Jail, stones forming the supporting columns were from

the Warrington Friary.

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Peter. I'm sure the museum will have both reports on the excavations, I'm certain that the early 'dig' would not have been as thorough as the later one as there was very little in the way of technology at that time, basically it would have been pick, shovel and trowel and perhaps pegging and lining, whereas today we have all the electronic gadgetry.

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Warrington Friary.

This was 'examined' before they build Witherspoons.

Does that mean that they missed things the first time round? And is there any info on both searches?


Glad to see you're back. :wink:


Peter the excavation in which the old friary was unearthed was done in 1881 by William Owen.


A quick search has returned this very interesting link about Warrington's past from the Brishish History Online website.




The friary is mentioned about half way down the page but the rest is well worth a read toom


There's probably more on line too but I only had a quick look. In the case of more recent archeological excavations and the findings/analysys it can take a long time to get into the public domain though and even then then they are not openly available in full.


Like Algy says though the museum will have copies of any reports and they will allow you to read them if you ask :wink:

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