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Chris Riley

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What do we think about him :?::?:


Personally I think he's very average at best and probably the weakest member of the team, not enough size or strength to be a good defender or attacker, he can never seem to beat a man and often comes inside which shows a lack of confidence in backing himself to beat somebody.


Again average under the high ball and sometimes makes terrible errors (crossing against Leeds) as soon as King is back he'll be out the team and for me should be dropped now with Evens taking his place. He's great given the ball with room all around him but those opportunities don't come often.








Those would be my starting players until King comes back and then Evans would miss out.

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He scored a lot of tries last season but lately he seems to have faded from Mr Smith's plans for the future. Since the emergence of Rhys Evans and when Rhys Williams returns from Crusaders it would appear that he's going to slip even further down the pecking order. Superleague can be a cruel world and although I wouldn't enjoy seeing a young family man like Chris Riley out of a job his future would seem elsewhere. Leigh or Widnes perhaps.

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It seems the bookies see it all very differently and have instaled him as favourite to top the try sccoring table this season...



who would say bookies can get it this wrong ???

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That's why you never see a broke bookie or a thin bookie. To back Chris Riley to top the try scorers would be chucking money away. He'll get few chances this season if the team selection policy so far this season is anything to go by.


Hate to be pedantic Safe's but surely the act of making Riley favourite is to actually "discourage"punters not attract and of course offer tempting odds on players that are not viable candidates?

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