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Why the change?


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No Wolfie - they had ways of making you walk- as the said abstract act was used often for cycling offences.


Perhaps a cyclist refused his name and address, you changed tack and suggested he may have stolen the bike, a much more serious offence, which achieved a good and proper result. So perhaps Wolfie was right in the first place.


Happy days

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I got booked by the police for riding my bike on along the pavement on Grappenhall Road on a Sunday morning when I was in my early teens... they even said the 'anything you may say will be taken down and used' statement :shock:


I gave them my name and address and I wont go into what happened when the police called round to speak to my parents :oops::lol:


I hope it wasn't you Harry... if so I appologise many years dwn the line for my mums outburst :wink:

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