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weapons siezed (todays news)


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I was puzzled by the significance of todays story about the weapons siezed while the police were doing drugs raids in warrington.


the weapons pictured are ornimental, and perfectly legal within somones home reguardless of their owners other offences ???


My 13 son, as I have said before very responsible lad is very into the dungeons and dragons kind of theme, likes his online role playing and has a collection of ornimental swords that would put those confiscated to shame, which he started collecting at 11.


the swords pictured (as typical with the samuri style replicas) are CAST metal blades meaning that while sharp if you were to actualy hit anything with them the blade would snap/shatter on first impact.


seems rediculous to me since we dont realy have a problem with yobs walking the streets with samuri swords...the big problem is small concieled knives (speaking as somone who has been stabbed by such)...but I suppose thats not such a sensational story.


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Well Im sure you got my "point" being that its you cant buy them burberry style yet :wink:


and your right, any weapon in the hands of an idiot...but then again anything in the hands of an idiot becomes a weapon.


and.. if we must get into the efficiency of the samuria swords, while being very sharp, were not very succesfull battle weapons, light & agile & sharp...but not very robust and when parried by a european broadsword or a middle eastern scimitar they tended not to survice the clash.


very good for suicide and decapitation, but then we had much more gruesom methods for that.


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