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One for Wing-nut, or other fairly oldie.

harry hayes

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You have mentioned things like the may-pole from earlier days, and yesterday being Pancake Tuesday, does "legging over day" ring any bells with you.


I seem to remember it as the afternoon of April Fools Day and can recollect children in Beamont play ground (O'leary street) practising same.


The Beamont playground mentioned had ideal toilet walls for another certain boys game. And yes, in those days you made your own fun.


Happy days

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I tryed googling Legging Over Day.

All I got was some wench explaining how to wear leggings under a mini skirt to hide vericose veins. :) Legging Over day was banned in our school.


Pancake Day is another matter though. I can clearly remember walking down Hawleys Lane with me gran over the stinking brook by Richmonds, when she came out with this little ditty:


Pancake Tuesday is coming on

I ran away with me uncle John

eating toffees

cracking nuts

stuffing pancakes

down our guts.


Makes a change from Wordsworth I suppose. :):)


In fact it must have been better than Wordsworth, as all I can remember about him is something about wondering about all over t'place and looking for daffodills. :):)

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Mentioning the toilets in the playgound. It seems as though they were out of bounds for the prefects, as this is where the big lads hung out. They were very good at making the younger pupils take their dinner plates back for them though in the canteen. They should have had their heads flushed down the toilets or have been hung from the school railings with the rest of the bullys.

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