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English National Ballet


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Did anybody watch The English National Ballet in training tonight? Chanel 4. It is a three week series if anyone is interested. Our rugby teams follow such training methods.

It's such a shame they have a relatively short careeer, in what must be one of the hardest training regimes going. Although this young wench turned 70 years of age shown them how to do it.

What a smashing bit of totty. :wink:


At the time, the critics said she is too old and must retire. But what do you think? I say Brava young wench (curtesy of L.P) :)




Pllsetskaya: To hell with those who say I should retire.

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Yes, I watched it, fascinating programme. Listening to the positive way the injured dancers coped with pain, even on returning after surgery, makes me think that some footballers would benefit from the rehearsal regime and iron discipline on display. You didn't see any answering back as each dancer knew they could easily be replaced and they were all desparate to be a part of it.


The older dancer who stood in for the star who couldn't make it to the first night did say that her body couldn't really cope after all the inevitable injuries in her career and she suffered a lot of pain. I suppose they are like many performers, they will keep going as long as they physically can and as long as people want to see them

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The Dyeing Swan

Maya Pllsetskaya


Just look at those arm movements. Perfection.


And still dancing at the tender age of 81. What strikes me appart from her dancing is her youthfull looks.


I have seen a few performances by poorer third world countries. Some of the dancers would put the proffesionals to shame.

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I think it is probably because it is their route out of poverty. If they are chosen for or accepted into a dance school their education and training plus their board and lodging are all paid for by the state. It's a hard life but a way out of the grinding poverty of families literally on the breadline.


You can always spot an ex-dancer as their deportment, elegance and style are unique.

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