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Rhys Evans


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I said in a post following the Saints game that just from his cameo performance alone he looked like a very exciting player.


Well after his full debut last night I think Atkins and Bridge may have some serious competition on their hands. In fact I would go as far as saying Evans is already better than Atkins and Bridge.


Im sure Tony wont be keen to flog Evans at his tender age but how could you drop him after last nights performance.


He is very quick and elusive but strong runner and he can also defend. I witnessed the best full debut I have ever seen last night and he fully deserved his MOM.

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Evans is a player of great promise...He reminds me a lot of Jimmy Challinor who was a centre in the classical mould. Evans has got the now rare talent of the art of drawing a man and putting his winger away. Like Challinor Evans is slightly built but runs and tackles hard. I now await the usual advice from the know-bugger-alls who claim he should get on the weights and put some beef on.

We've enough tatooed gym monkies. Evans should remain just the way he is.

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Performed really well last night and did his profile no harm at all, for me I've not been impressed with Atkins since he's arrived at Warrington so as far as I'm concerned Evens can keep his place for the foreseeable future and if Tony Smith is to be believed about picking players on form then Atkins may be on the sides for a long time.

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