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Woolston Community High protest update


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Originally posted by warringtoncouncil.is good:

The internet is great, You don't know anything about the people who you communicate with.

The campaign is not about class it's about children. we all need to remember that.

Assumption is the source of all cockup's (WBC 2008)

Exactly - however would you deny that supporters of Woolston School have made several postings on various Warrington-based forums attempting to besmirch Padgate High School - these are usually prefaced by such classic openers as ` I am not a snob however I would keep my child off school rather than have them going to Padgate High `( appeared on a Warrington website and also a sentiment widely expressed at a Woolston School supporters meeting ...

You cannot get involved in local politics , which this campaign is in essence all about , and abrogate responsibilty for the actions of your supporters ...

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Gosh and I thought I knew a lot about the people where I am a Parish Councillor. Doesn't a crisi bring out the best in everyone :wink: . I can't belive some of the comments that I have just read.


Stop bitching and focus on the children its their future.


I was the chair of governors of a local primary school in the area and when we had to fight to prevent Tim from closing it we had to go right down to the wire.


Fortunately we had and still have a tremendous unified spirit we worked as a team of staff, pupils, governors and parents. We didn't start a war with other schools they worked with us and together we succeeded. A sort of grind down the opposition.


I was reminded time after time that we are doing it for the children and we are in for the long haul.

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Originally posted by warringtoncouncil.is good:


Everyone please can you inform your councillor of your opinion and tell them who is the voter


Alas in local elections the vast majority of voters don't vote.....on the basis that politics doesn't interest me, or it doesn't affect me...or I'm too busy....or politicians are all the same etc etc. So if events at Woolston wake people up to realise that politics and politicians, local, national and international, and the decisions that they make, affect all of our lives all of the time, it will be a good thing. :wink:


[ 18.11.2007, 09:37: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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Originally posted by Geoff Settle:

I was a bit puuzzlws at the start there Paul but you came through with a good finish.


Please let your Councillor know how you feel. :D

No, I'm not bothering with the indirect approach.......think I'll deal direct, cut out the middleman....or woman, ........and try and get elected.....yet again....next May. :D:wink:
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With finite budgets, the Council have clearly been forced into "choosing" - remember the film "Sophie's Choice"? :( If folk really want to keep ALL our schools open and end this demographic lottery, they should start pestering their MPs to get THEIR Government to increase funding and then perhaps we can have smaller class sizes. :wink:

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Originally posted by asperity:

I think Eagle's comment was tongue in cheek. Do I detect a sense of humour by-pass here? :(:(


Complaining and fighting at local level does nothing as although some will appear sympathetic the same old story applies ie 'it's national level that pulls the strings but we do sympathise with you all'.


Complain at national level and they will be sympathetic and tell you that they agree blah blah but also tell you that they do NOT get involved with Local issues as it's upto the Local Authority :D


So there you go... sense of humour eradicated and is it any wonder ?!

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The local politicians only get involved on the streets "AFTER" the final decision has been taken.

the secret for Joe Public is to know what is going on in their community and take up arms "BEFORE" the decisions get taken.

IF people told their local cllrs that they would vote them out at the next election, they might pay a bit more attention and put forward the views of the public.


I will always remember the closure of Knutsford Rd Post Office.

They were all lined up getting the public to sign petitions that would NOT reverse the done deal.

What a con. :x

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So you just give up then?


I'm glad to see that the Save WCHS is not stopping until it has exhausted every avenue what ever the end result. Who knows what they will try next but at least they are trying and letting the decision makers know how they feel?


These people are not political but they are starting to understand the political process.


:D . I need to update my IT skills as and learn how to reduce the size of the phoo. I used to know how in the old days.


For more photos moe photos of Saturdays demo


[ 19.11.2007, 05:55: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]

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