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Cleaning The Car


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I've just spent four days detailing the exterior of my car. Tar spots removed from bumpers etc. Stone chips repaired and re-sprayed with a rattle can, hosed down, hand foam wash, hosed down again, dryed off with drying towel, T- cutted, polished, and finally waxed, and all exterior trim, tyres and wheels cleaned.


Went in the house to make a brew, I came out only to find that the postman had been and left a nice squirly scratch about 10" long, smack in the middle of the side panel with his post bag. Ta very much Pat!


Has anybody used one of these electric polishing machines? If so, are they any good, are they worth it, and are they any better than good old fashioned elbow grease? would you recomend them?


Just trying to cut down on me energy and time levels. :)

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Wingy, I've got one that I use occasionally on the Corsairs but to be honest, you have to be careful because if you aren't use to the speed they work at you can end up rubbing the paint through to metal; especially if you use a compound or T-Cut


Elbow grease is the best way and use AutoGlym paint restorer rather than T-Cut as it isn't as harsh I have found

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Baz J.

I was hoping that you would reply as I know you are into your car care, so you would be the one to ask.

Good tip about the Auto glym restorer as I agree the T-Cut is too harsh. It's next on my shopping list.


When useing a polisher, is it best to put the polish on by hand with a cloth, and then just use the polisher to buff it up?



I was lucky in that all I needed to remove the scratch was a week solution of T-Cut on a damp cloth. I will be having words with the postie though.


I leave all the mechanical work etc to my garage, as they have always been fair with me and done a good job. Plus they know what they are doing , and I don't. I put my time in on the bodywork and interior as best I can. I think having a clean car/van helps you to be more aware of other road users and a better driver. It's begining to look good again. :)



You're right and I can't.

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Trying to prove something can be more difficult than what you think. Only in this case I think there was a lot more involved than what there first seemed to be.


A number of years ago, I witnessed two local idiots "purposely" pull up alongside a new car. The passenger leaned out of the window, and ran a coin down one of the side panels of the new car and then drove off laughing. I took the Reg of the idiots, knocked on the door where the owner of the new car lived, and told him what had happened. I agreeably went to the police station with him to report it.


I gave my statement, and was then asked if I had actually "seen" the coin touch the new car. I had to admit that I hadn't because the coin would have been covered by the offenders hand, although I repeated that I had seen the offender reach out and do something to the new car. The offender got away with it. If it had been my car that this had happened to, I wouldn't have let it end there.


Some time later I found out that the father of the owner of the idiot car was pretty high up in the force.


I don't know for sure, and I might be wrong, but..........................


I Smell Goat.

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Baz J.

When useing a polisher, is it best to put the polish on by hand with a cloth, and then just use the polisher to buff it up?



Ideally you should yes.... that way you don't take too much top off the surface of the paint. if you are only doing a small section; just do it by hand and finish by hand. If you plan on doing the whole car, just use the polisher to finish off with

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Glad you managed to sort it Wingy.


It always annoyes me when people scratch or damage other cars accidentally but never own upto it and it really annoys me when it is done on purpose.


In 2004 (yes I remember it well).. I had just had my car repaired after my other half hit it when he was parking ourside rather hurredly to avoid an old wrinkly who was weaving towards him.


I'd just had it repaired when some idiot scratched the same area with a key :evil: so I had that bit sprayed again.


Then a few months later some complete muppet decided to drive along our road shooting a paint gun at close range at all the houses and cars.... you guesses it.... my car got hit on the same side that had been repaired (although a few feet away) and I had a round dent full of yellow paint the size of a 50 pence piece. I decided not to have that repaired.


THEN.... same side again someone clipped my wheel arch with a trolley in Morrisons car park.... by this stage I really thought I was jinxed so didn't have that repaired either.. best to save them all up eh.


AND THEN... it was parked in another carpark and when I came to it there was a dig dent in my rear wheel arch and a big scrape mark of gumper like black.... same side again.


There was a large 4x4 parked not next to me but in a very odd spot in the centre of the car park. It looked like whoever was driving it had given up and just parked 'wherever' so I had a look. On its bumber at the exact height as the dent and scrape on mine was MY PAINT !!! Its an unusual colour so was definately mine.


I lay in wait with accosted the driver as SHE returned. She swore blind that she hadn't done it despite the evidence being staring us both in the face. Even the chap that waited with me said there was 'no doubt'. She then just got in her car and drove off.


I phoned the police to report it and gave them her reg blah blah blah and they said there was nothing they could do.


Then last year while my car was parked outside the house someone completely wiped out the whole side of it :shock: ... but guess what... not the side with the dents BUT THE OTHER ONE which didn't have a mark on it .... BUGGER !!!!!!


So count yourself lucky that yours only had a fight with a postman's bag :lol::lol:

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