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Quizz Preparation Tips

Geoffrey Settle

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make sure that they cannot see the glow from your ipad and make sure your mobile phone is on silent alert with your cleverest mates on speed dial :wink:


Oh and if you can get hold of one make sure you have a small picture of a monopoly board there is nearly always one question about it :twisted:

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Not been to many quizzes myself as I tend to struggle the minute TV, Geography or History comes up :oops:


The ones I have been to always seem to have a photo sheet of actors etc in their earlier days and you have to name them.. I'm naff at that too. :lol:

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Try and get a mixed age team, make sure you hold the team pen. You can't swot up for a quiz you either know it or not but cramming recent news could help.

Remember the question master is always right even when wrong, it saves embarrassment for all concerned.

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When they ask about a prime minister, the answer 50% of the time is Harold Wilson.


When they ask for a country in Africa, it's even money again that the answer is Egypt.


Too late to swot up on knowledge - there's too much of it. Instead find a few clever responses to cover your apparent ignorance and to be thought of as a witty fellow.


happy days

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One other idea is to write "I don't know" for every answer that you genuinely don't know. That way you have answered the question correctly and as a right answer should be awarded a point. If challenged you can always say that you did not know until they told you the answer. :wink:


might not make you popular with the rest of the team or the quizmaster though :oops::lol::lol:

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