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For the avoidance of any doubt, I can assure you all that my friend DOES exist. He is NOT a figment of my imagination.

It would please me very much if he DID join the Forum as I am sure he would enliven proceedings.

Why anyone should think I would go to the trouble of inventing a friend I don't know - I have in the past not been afraid to put unpopular views on the Forum so why should I now decide to hide behind an imaginary friend?

My own view on this topic, for what it is worth, is that I would prefer M&S (and every other store) not to play any music at all. If I go into a shop I go to shop, not to listen to music. Mrs Adam shares my view on this.

On the subject of IQ I always believed that being unable to express a strong view without resort to foul language is a sign of a low IQ.

Hmmm, personally I would have thought a better indicator would be the correct use of punctuation, capitalisation, sentence structure and the use of paragraphs. I can see how you would not though.
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I suppose that IQ depends on what scale you use to measure it.


For example, when I was working at Daresbury most of the people I worked for had doctorates and the like in some subject or other (even the health and safety guy). As a result I would have been classed as having a low IQ compared to those people based on my background and the fact that was a lowly fitter machinist.


The fact that I took an IQ test whilst I was there and embarrassed my boss at the time ( who was a scientist with a doctorate) by getting a higher score than him did not make much difference.


I have also taken the Mensa test and scored in the 95 percentile but that only proves that I am good at taking Mensa type tests. Does not mean that I am "clever" or have any more common sense than the next man.

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