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Photos of Old Warrington.7.


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1900s'Warrington, making sure her little sister is protected from the cold.



Four scallywags playing in a back street off Winwick road.



1900s. Westy Lane, Latchford, Manor Farm, someone is about to get wet.



1900s' Children sharpening pencils on the kerb stones.



1902. Warrington youngsters playing in a cart in Church street.



1902. Dallam Lane, two little urchins wrestling for the hand of the little girl.

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I can't stop looking at these Algy... like PJ has already said they are very touching images.


My grandparents would have been about the same age as the kiddies in the photos at the time and to think that they too would have probably have sat/played on the streets looking just as grubby and waifish brought a little tear to my eye... but in a nice way :wink:


Sad that there is no record of who these kiddies were as it would be lovely to know what became of them in later life if indeed they lived into adulthood. Oooh I'm being morbid now sorry :oops:


There will be no photo's like these in 100 years time though as flippin' heck you would be dragged to the police station these days for taking photos of kiddies playing out :roll:

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Dizz, tomorrow's batch will be of the areas of Warrington that

children such as these came from, thank God that these slums have long gone from Warrington. My favourite of those above are the kids with the trolley, to me they just look as if they have been caught and are being told off after creating some kind of mischief.

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