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No problem, I did have some similar ones but at a loss as to where they are.

I got them from an old neighbour whose father was a maintenace bloke on the old transporter. Apparantly he went to the top of the structure checking cables at least once a week (depending on the weather)

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I travelled it many times in the 1940s' & early 50s' Wolfie, my granny & granddad iived at Randles Sluices, he was the Sluicegate Master and their son my uncle Frank lived in Widnes, granddad would skull us across the canal where we would catch the bus by Greens farm to Runcorn then travel across on the transporter as foot passemgers to visit my cousins in Widnes. Incidentally uncle Frank was a diver for many years on the canal. Happy days. :D

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Now that's something we never did as my Granny had bad legs and would never have made it, I found out yesterday that the cables were inspected at the top of the towers every day so whoever carried that out would probably have taken your photo. The first transporter bridge, Vizcaya Bridge was built in Portugalete in Spain, in 1893,The Runcorn - Widnes Transporter Bridge was completed in 1905 and was Britain's first transporter bridge and the largest of its type ever built in the world. It continued in use until 1961.

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