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I can't ever see AV working anyway.....


You go to the ballot box as either a Labour, Tory or Lib Dem voter.


Take someone like PJ for instance; an obvious die hard Labour man, that is his right. Some like me may not agree with that but that is why we are seen as a free country!!


PJ will obviously put a "!" next to Labour, but I could never in a million years see him putting a "2" next to the Tory or Lib Dem candidate, just like I would cut my hands off rather than vote for Labour or Lib Dem.


PR is a load of nonsense because as has been said, it will continually throw up these ridiculous coalition governments..... look at Belgium; months after the election they had and they still don't have a formed government because no one can agree to be nice to anyone else!


We would end up with either a Labour or Tory majaroity, held up by a rag tag bunch or raving loonys, greens and then what would happen if the BNP had an MP who could hold the balance of power???

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