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The half time entertainment ie a punchup was the best of last nights Real v Barcelona match and continued to be a big yawn until Messi struck.


Best footballer in the world without a doubt.


If United get through to the final their tactics should be for John O'Shea to break Messis' leg in the first minute and get sent off.


With United down to 10 men and Barcelona 11 but without Messi, they may stand a chance. :roll::roll:

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Peter its my second favourite 3-1 drubbing of that lot this year. :lol::lol::lol:

Your team were an embarrasment last night.


As I am a Liverpool fan and as several of my mates and my Dad are Utd fans and as it clearly p's you off I will be laughing long and hard at what seems to be the biennial humiliation of manure and old ginsoak.


I loved Mascherano's post match interview and the immediate cut to Ratboys face, absolute quality.

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PJ. They were beaten by a better team. Big deal. I still got up this morning, and ran my day as normal. It's only a game, unless you are a poo fan for whom it is life and death.(I worked with Scousers for years and the only thing more important is whether you are a Catholic or a Proddie.)


Yes I do support Man. U, but my thoughts are about how Barca played a different type of football that was mesmerising to watch, never mind defend against. A bit like watching Cruyff and co from yesteryear, unstoppable. THAT should be the talking point, NOT the fact that Man.U got to the final and were beaten.

It's just that I thought that you were above that sort of thing. Still can't always be right. :roll:

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