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Hospital deep cleaning 'a shambles'


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Government funding for the controversial NHS deep clean programme is a "shambles", the Tories have claimed.


Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showed that only about a quarter of the cash allocated by the Government appears to have reached frontline teams.


Strategic health authorities (SHAs) can only confirm that ?15.6 million (27% of the original ?57.5 million) has definitely been given to local NHS trusts to pay for deep cleaning, the Tories said.


Some SHAs were unable to provide figures but the data also suggested SHAs have kept back at least ?12.8 million that should have been passed on to NHS trusts.


Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced plans last September for every NHS hospital to be scrubbed in a bid to tackle bugs like MRSA and Clostridium difficile.


Health Secretary Alan Johnson said earlier this year he expected all 1,500 hospitals in England to have deep cleaning finished by the end of March.


However, there is no central monitoring of the programme to check how many hospitals will have finished by Monday's deadline.


The Tories claimed that NHS trusts have had to find at least ?22.8 million from their own pockets. The deep cleaning programme is also over budget by at least 18%, or ?10.6 million, they said.


Health Minister Ben Bradshaw said: "Once again the Tories have got their numbers wrong. Over ?62 million from trust surpluses has been spent on a successful round of hospital deep-cleans.


"Deep-cleans are immensely popular with patients, the public and hospital staff. Far from being a 'gimmick', they are one of a series of initiatives we have delivered to make our hospitals cleaner and safer."

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I went to B16 last week and I must say that it did look a bit cleaner. The corridors were still filthy. The public toilets in the new part were disgusting looking at the signing sheet they had not been cleaned for two days. My grand daughter wanted to go to the toilet, she is 8 she went into the toilet and came straight out and asked me to look. I can only discribe it as 'Animals at the zoo have cleaner toilets' Who makes them in such a state? I took her to the disabled toilet which was ok.

Why and how are trays of old meals left on window ledges? Why are yellow contaminated bins left open? Maybe some people like me are just too fussy

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If regular and effective cleaning had been taking place, there would be no need for drastic "deep cleaning".


With regards to the condition of the toilets etc, I and in fairness many others always try to follow the rule, "leave as you would like to find"....alas it seems there are people who use Warrington Hospital who have exceptionally poor standards and a total lack of respect for others.

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My mum is on B14 (after having a stroke a few weeks back) and the ward is spotless and only today they had all the beds out and gave the place a good cleaning.


She was admitted onto A1 and that had only just reopened after being closed for a week for the deep clean. There were still sweet wrappers on the stairs which were there for at least 3 days so maybe a bit more effort is required?


As for the toilets, I think that perhaps judging by the standard of writing on the ones that were filled in; the one on the two days that weren't filled in probably couldn't spell his/her names!!

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Working near the hospital I regularly see staff either going to work or leaving work with their uniforms on, any one with any sense would know that is not a good idea re contamination and cross infection, its bog standard common sense! Why are staff allowed to do it???

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