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Letterbox Fingers and furry friends

Geoffrey Settle

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I was out delivering leaflets again yesterday still recovering from my crash dummy exploits on icy paths and patio doors when I was reminded of another hazard as yet another dog flung itself against the front door.


Several friends have had their fingers bitten and spent hours in A&E :twisted: ; I?ve only ever had my fingers licked :oops: .


Are your fingers technically trespassing and it's fair game for our furry friends when they bite your fingertips?

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If your fingers are through the letterbox then I suppose technically part of you is inside someones house :lol:


Maybe wear a black leather glove Geoff so your fingers don't look like sausages :wink:


We delivered thousands of leaflets a few years back and just as my son was trying to pop one through a letterbox with one of those annoying bristle draught excluders on it it there was an almighty thud on the door as a huge dog launched itself at the door snatching it out of his fingers.


It frightened the living daylights out of us, more so my son who was quaking in his boots :lol: The owner quickly opened the door and was so appologetic and big 'brutus' the dog stood there wagging it's tail as if we were best friends. It was a right softie :?:shock:

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