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Golden Square Evacuation


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At the time, I did politely request that both Peter?s and my own post be removed so as not to cause any offence to others or to the forum and it's members.


It?s sad that this wasn?t done and that people are now making light of this issue.


Bill :)


Appologies Bill but as you may/may not have noticed I have not been on here since I posted this morning and now (9 pm).


I have received the 'pm' you sent me but in my absence as the 'discussion' has continued rather than just letting the matter drop there is no point in me deleting the original two posts now as per your request.


In all fairness I probably would not have deleted them anyway as we are all grown ups and at the time we had said our brief replies so there was no real need for deletion and it should have been left at that without being exagerated into something that it wasn't.


So please can it STOP now .... thanks.



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