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Urban Foxes


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There are a few around sankey valley and may be the ones seen in the hospital grounds. I saw one a few months back crossing the bridge from sankey valley and then heading up wellfield street in the direction of the whitecross community centre. Was surprised when i realised what it was, thought it was a dog at firsts until it passed under a lamp post.


I do know that my mother had one as a pet when she was about twelve. My grandfather had found the cub next to it's dead mother and took it in and reared it like a dog. she used to walk it on a lead and got some very odd looks from people who had never seen a fox before.

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We saw one before xmas walking along the road near us at midnight. Looked quite small and skinny though.


My uncle had a fox cub which had been abandoned many years ago but alas he had put a dog collar on it so it could get a bit of exercise while it got better etc... before he could release it, it escaped so probably died as it grew due to the blummin collar :cry:

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Foz hunting is barbaric and cruel :evil::cry:


When I was in my teens me and a couple of friends freed a fox in a farmers field up near Red Lane which was caught by it's leg in a rather fierce looking trap.


Probably not the most sensible thing to do but it never occurred to us that a) the fox may bite us or B) whilst prizing the trap apart with brute force we could have got our hands trapped ourselves :shock:


Strangely enough the fox just stood there while we did it and then scarpered once free.

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