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Music on Radio Survey

Geoffrey Settle

What Radio Station do you tune into?  

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  1. 1. What Radio Station do you tune into?

    • Radio 1
    • Radio 2
    • Radio 3
    • Radio 6
    • 107.2 Wire FM
    • Classic FM
    • Radio Warrington
    • 102 Capital FM
    • Key 103
    • Kiss
    • Wish FM
    • Radio City
    • Smooth Radio
    • Rock FM
    • Other please state

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Usually wire fm in the car for what passes for traffic news in the Warrington area. Mind you that does also depend on whether or not I can be bothered to turn it on. If I am on my own I will put it on to drown out some of the engine noise. If I have a passenger then I don't usually bother.

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Car and kitchen tuned into local Wire FM nearly all the time .. although I did recently tune into another station which I think was called 'Rock FM' and it was really good but I forgot to press save


I think my other half has his set to Radio 2 (ie the station with all the old stuff and chat on it) although from how you describe it Geoff I may have that wrong as I don;t think he'd listen to Chris Evans


PS Evils... you mustn't have voted cos I am the only one for Wire so far :oops:

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Good topic.


Personally I listen to a little of a lot, such as Radio 4, especially the comedy shows, e.g. ?Just a minute? and sorry I haven?t a clue? and documentary?s etc. I also listen to Radio 2, (but not Chris Evans, Steve Wright, Dermot O?Leary, Graham Norton, or Alan Carr and side kick Melanie Sykes who seems to laugh at anything not remotely funny?, I just turn to another station when they are on), love listening to Brian Matthews on a Saturday and Tony Blackburn and Johnny Walker.


I listen to Radio 5, but only on a week day evening after 10pm, as I feel that the presenters are very patronizing, contrived and over explain too much and like to hear their own voices, especially the morning presenters.


Other stations I listen to are ?Gold? as I like to hear music of yesteryear e.g. 60?s 70?s and 80?s and on rare occasions ?Wire FM? I also listen to Jimmy and Eamon on BBC Manchester on a Sunday morning, a very funny and entertaining show!

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In the car when local I listen to Real Radio, elswhere when no signal, I listen to Radio 2. When the eldest son (16) is in the car its a battle of wills as to which radio station we listen to. At home a mix of Real Radio and Smooth FM dependant on who has last tuned the radio, me or the Mrs. On a Tuesday night or Saturday afternoon if I cant get to the Warrington Town match I listen to Radio Warrington for the latest updates.



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