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a couple of recent visitors

Evil Sid

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Managed to get a couple of pictures of this pair as they enjoyed a bit of a snack on my neighbours roof.




No enhancement on this just as it was from the camera. Smudges are from where I rested my hand on the window to steady myself. Will have to get the Windolene out later.




this one was loaded into photo shop and adjusted using auto-levels. Not really sure if it has made the picture any better though.


Still makes a change from the magpies. 8)

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Great pics Evils. Can't believe someone threw crumpets out for the birds though :shock: Yum :wink:


As for which is best..... I can't decide. Bird's colour is a lot clearer in the second one but 'maybe' a touch too dark overall. Only you can tell though as you know what colour the roof and birds were in real life :lol:

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