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What used to occupy land around T.A Barracks?


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Thats fab thank you! Its certainly a start, and has in way answered my question. I would love to find more out about orford Barracks though but I just don't know where to look?

I want to know how it formed, what the site consisted of, what they did on there and how it came to be what it is now. I'm too inquisitive lol

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I'm sure there will be others on here who will know a lot more about it :wink:


I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Barracks have a 'history' section/group/dept !?! I might be getting confused with RAF Burtonsood though.


Have you tried ringing them and asking ?

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danniels86, heres some information on the Peninsula (Orford) Barracks, I have the complete 1881 census info on the Barracks, it makes very interesting reading, if you want me to send it, leave an answer here and I will forward it to you.


The Peninsula Barracks, O'Leary St, (Orford), Warrington, was home to the South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales Volunteers) until 1960. The Barracks still exists today and is now home to the Battalion Headquarters & Headquarters Company of the 5/8 King's and Cheshire's Regiment, Territorial Army.


In 1873 it was the 14th Brigade (Training) Depot and certainly housed the 82nd Regiment of Foot (Prince of Wales Volunteers). The British Army was reorganised in 1881 and the Barracks became the 40th Regimental District (Training) Depot, South Lancashire Regiment [PWV], the 1st Btn was formerly the 40th Foot (Somerset Regiment), the 2nd Btn being formed from the 82nd Foot. At the moment I can't say which Militia units [if any] may have also trained there. More amalgamation in 1958 & 1970 would see the regiment become part of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment with it's headquarters in Preston, Lancashire.


Until it moved some years ago the barracks also housed [and some web sites wrongly state it still does] the South Lancashire's Regimental Museum and Archive.


The Regimental Museum has been relocated to Fulwood Barracks, Preston, Lancashire. For a nominal fee they will check the records for details of anyone who served with the Queen,s Lanc's or any of it's predecessor regiments. If you're looking for more details on your ancestor then if you write to them, they will send you the forms to fill out.


The museum's address is:

Queen's Lancashire Regiment Museum, Fulwood Barracks,

Watling Street Road, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 8AA

Tel: (0)1772 260362 Fax: (0)1772 260583

Credit to - Ancestry.co.uk Blog Board

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