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Are there any famous ghost stories in Warrington?


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I have read historical books about Warrington and Lancashire and it has an incredible history and also some very old and historical buildings. So it seems to me that there must be some stories somewhere!! However I can't find any?!


Does anyone know of any stories and where can I find them?


Thank you :D

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Try the bookshop in Warrington Golden Square. I know the one at Bridge foot sold them but they have closed down.


There's an evil ghost who is said to haunt the land of the Old Barracks though. His name is Wilfred and he walks all the local streets in the dark praying on defenceless residents













Only kidding... I read your other topic :wink: ... but then again you never know smiley-shocked003.gif

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For the love of God ha! :D that scared me to death until I read the bottom part of your post!!


Thats part of the reason why I want to know ghost stories and about the barracks etc, as I never believed in anything supernatural until I moved into this house... :? feel like i'm going mad sometimes....maybe I am oh well!! Anyway nothing untoward seemed to happen at the old barracks so I doubt we have an old soldier as a resident ghost!


I will have another look round to see if I can find any books of his. :) thanks

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The book you may be looking for is called "Ghosts, mysteries and legends of old Warrington"


He also did one called "The Battle of Burtonwood (Bewsey Bridges- Gate 4)


Not sure where it is but I did have a copy of the ghost stories one. I will have to have a look and see if I still have it. I have a feeling that my brother may have it as he is into ghosts and such.


My problem with finding books is that I have a large collection of them and so searching through to find a particular one is time consuming as they are in no particular order. Been going to sort them out and catalogue them for the last ten years just never seem to find the time to do it.. well maybe when the kids are off school in summer, and I don't have to run the family around, or play bowls, or walk the dog or any of the hundred and odd other things that seem to eat up my time, I will get around to it. Probably after I have seen that all the pigs have been fed and are ready to fly :wink:


anyhow good luck in your search and I will keep my eyes open for it in my collection.

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I never believed in anything supernatural until I moved into this house... :? feel like i'm going mad sometimes....maybe I am oh well!!


Oooh are you having strange goings on in your house :shock: Tell us more... but only in the daytime please or I may not sleep if I read it at night. The thought of ghosts scares me :oops:

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Found these for you Daniels86.... some are not far from you :shock::shock:


taken from this website link




14/6/96 -Warrington:


Psychic Kevin McGrath clears five ghosts out of a house in Warrington. Mrs Joan Davies, of Marsh House Lane, was reduced to a nervous wreck after the ghosts of two young girls, a teenage boy and girl and another small girl, made her life a misery. The ghosts ran around upstairs, thumped her in the back and frightened her by breathing on her face.



20/2/98, Warrington:


A letter to the GUARDIAN claims that Bewsey Old Hall is haunted by a young person who was murdered there in the 1930s.


22/7/98, Warrington:


Noisy ghosts making life a misery for a family in Orford are exorcised from the house by psychic Kevin McGrath, who said he had found the spirits of a man who had committed suicide in the house about 15 years ago, a little blonde haired girl of around nine, and an elderly grandfather figure, who he believed was the owners grandfather.



Granny Lightfoot's Rocking Chair - Firth Place 1893 (Froghall Lane)


ANOTHER intriguing and interesting story to come out of Warrington takes us back to the old cottages of Firth Place, of Froghall Lane in 1893.


Jenny Lightfoot was an old cotton mill girl who lived to be a great age. She loved her old rocking chair which had been made by her there, a carpenter and furniture maker. Just as long as the neighbors could hear the creaking of Jenny Lightfoot's rocking chair moving backwards and forwards, they knew Jenny was fine.

She was a strange old lady. She hardly spoke to anyone, but was always humming to herself while she knitted. her death no one would enter the cottage as all the neighbors said they could hear the rocking chair squeaking. Eventually, next-door neighbor, a Mr. Stanton took the rocking chair to the local pawnbroker on Sankey Green and sold it for half-a-crown (I 2'/2). The pawnbroker put the rocking chair in the shop window. Then one evening when the shop was closed a group of passers-by coming home from church actually saw the rocking chair swaying back and forth. The story soon got around the area; then to cap it the entire pawnbroker actually heard the humming of a tune when the shop was empty. He gave the rocking chair away to a lady named Mrs. Seed who did not believe in ghosts - until then.


Mrs. Seed lived in a rambling old house on Lovley Lane. She traced the rocking chair back to the cottage - in Firth Place then tried to sell it, but found she couldn't


The story then goes that Mrs. Seed told a neighbor she was gypping to throw it on the bonfire and at that precise moment the chair begin to bounce up and down all over the room Mrs. Seed fled the house obviously Granny Lightfoot was upset Eventually the chair was put outdoors, and a coal merchant spotted it and asked Mrs. Seed for it in return for a bag of coal. Mr. Seed readily accepted. The coal merchant in turn sold it to a Penketh farmer. So if you live in an old farmhouse up Penketh and you hear creaking and humming coming from the rocking chair - treat it with respect.


If you're rocking chair starts creaking And there aint nobody there

I'll advise you not to throw it out it's Granny Lighifoot's chair.



The Mystery of The Crawling Man of The Black Horse Inn


THIS is a story of interest and mystery and one, which will give a lot of 'food for thought'. It begins in 1912 when the duly gatekeeper at Sankey Bridges, a man by the name of Len Kay, saw what he thought was an injured man stumbling and crawling along the pavement in Liverpool Road. When the man drew level with Len Kay the man completely vanished, but not before Len saw great pain and agony in the man's face.


Now Len came from a greatly respected and Gouring family from the Wakefield Street area of Bank Quay and was not given to telling wild stories. What Len Kay had seen has also been seen by dozens of people over a period of 200 years - in the very same place.


Many of the witnesses had claimed that the very sad ghost had held one hand to his chest. On one occasion in 1860, when loud banging on his door knocker awakened a local, a man in great pain who seemed to be beckoning for help confronted him. Then to the man's amazement, the injured man just vanished into thin air before his very eyes.


The crawling man became a great talking point around the area, and he certainly became the best ghost personality of the town of Warrington. However, it is fair to say that too many people claimed to have seen the sad specter for the story to be ignored. So as a result of investigation, I will try to analyze the tale of the Crawling Ghost of Sankey



The story centers around Warrington's oldest public house - the Black Horse Inn on Liverpool Road. It is still a beautiful old inn, bathed in history, which could be a great Warrington tourist attraction. The Black Horse once also had a stabling yard for the stagecoaches. The man in charge of the stable was an exceptionally popular blacksmith by the name of Giles Boston. Giles was also a fine swordsman. He had four brothers, all of whom were very strong Cromwell supporters. During the Civil War in the late I 600s, many battles took place around Warrington, mainly at Winwick and on Warrington Bridge, and in fact three of Giles Boston's brothers were killed in these battles.


The very last Scirmish in Warrington between the Royalists and the Ironsides (Cromwellians), took place at the Black Horse Inn when a group of Cavaliers (Royalists), on the run, entered the Black Horse and demanded all the horses in the stable. The landlord refused and as a result was 'run through' with a sword. Giles Boston in turn drew his sword and killed two of the Royalists. Their leader then drew his pistol and shot Giles in the chest. Reloaded and shot him a second time. The Royalists then took the horses and fled north.


Giles Boston crawled and stumbled for about two hundred yards to raise the alarm and seek help. He probably died where now stands the Sloop Hotel, near Sankey Bridges.


It is quite possible the sad brave ghost is that of Giles Boston.

Does the ghost of the blacksmith still roam the Black Horse Yard?




Mr. Jim Ashbrook, a good authority on old Warrington, assures me that musket ball marks from the Civil War were still visible on the old stable at the rear of the Black Horse when he was a young boy.



The Little Face at The Window


IF you are ever in Queens Gardens, Palmyra Square, make a point of looking up at the Springfield Street Post Office top floor window on the right. A window which over seven decades ago caused a lot of interest in Warrington. It all started when a lady happened to look up and see what appeared to be either a little old woman or a child - waving to her. She reported the incident to the manager who after investigation told the lady that the room was empty and was only used for storage.


But the lady insisted she had seen a person in that room. The year was 1920.


The face at the window was seen on many occasions after this but the most interesting report was when at least 20 people saw the face on Walking Day morning 1929. A contingent of walkers from Friars Green Sunday School making their way to Bank Park looked up and saw what they thought was an old woman. The vicar said it was a little girl. Again the incident was investigated but the management said it was impossible as the department was locked.

Whether it was an old woman or a little girl, this is certainly one Warrington mystery without any clue as to who she was, but there must surely be an explanation somewhere?



and these taken from this linkhttp://www.paranormaldatabase.com/cheshire/chesdata.php?pageNum_paradata=5&totalRows_paradata=136


Man with Slick White Hair


Location: Warrington - A50 leading to Warrington from KnutfordType: Unknown Ghost Type

Date / Time: May 1995

Further Comments: A driver speeding down the A50 passed a man in the road who was trying to flag him down. The figure had slicked back white hair, and wore black clothing. The driver decided to go back and help the man, stopping about a kilometre further along the road, but to his horror realised the man was now standing a couple of metres behind his car - it would have been impossible for the figure to catch up with the vehicle in such a short period of time. The driver drove off again, not wanting to engage with the man with the white hair.



Murder Victim


Location: Warrington - Bewsey Old HallType: Haunting Manifestation

Date / Time: Unknown

Further Comments: His life snuffed out at some point in the 1930s, this shade has remained earthbound since. The hall may also be haunted by a white Lady, thought to be Lady Isabella le Botelor.



Sitting Nun


Location: Warrington - Hollins Park House (aka Winwick Hall)

Type: Haunting Manifestation

Date / Time: Unknown

Further Comments: A phantom nun is said to walk into one room here and take a seat before disappearing. The sounds of children running and shouting is sometimes heard, while there are other reports which feature a ghostly lady in white.



Dick Peabody


Location: Warrington - Lower Angel tavernType: Haunting Manifestation

Date / Time: Twentieth century

Further Comments: This ghostly figure is blamed whenever a member of staff has their bottom pinched...



Tearaway Kids


Location: Warrington - Marsh House Lane, private houseType: Haunting Manifestation

Date / Time: 1996

Further Comments: A ghostbuster claimed to have rid this house of a total of five spirits, all teenagers or younger, who were making the home owners life a living hell.



Banging Door


Location: Warrington - Walton HallType: Haunting Manifestation

Date / Time: June 1915

Further Comments: A young married couple reported being woken by their bedroom door being thrown open by an invisible entity, and slammed shut a few seconds later. They were later told an old woman was supposed to haunt their bedroom.

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Thank you guys your all fab!!


I haven't actually read those stories yet as i haven't the time right now....also i'm alone at this moment in time and I don't want to feel scared!! :?


Not too many strange things go on in this house and it's not regular either sometimes nothing will happen for a long time. When my first child started talking properly she had an ''imaginary friend'' however something she said to me when I was bathing her made me feel that she was talking to something that she shouldn't be :( that scared me to death!! When I first moved into this house was when I experienced the most, I went to bed alone one night unable to wake my husband who'd fell asleep on the couch (HOW MANY MEN DO THIS??) Anyway I was lay in bed and heard what sounded like a man whistling outside my door :( I ran down stairs with my eyes shut and slept on the couch!

I have been in the bathroom and heard someone running really hard up the stairs, my heart stopped i'm telling you...i was the only one in the house.

I was sat in the kitchen once with my first daughter who was three at the time my step daughter and my baby who was in her pram, this was around the time my little girl was ''seeing things'', all of the cupboards in the kitchen opened slightly and rattled then stopped this has to be the strangest thing to me as it was something physical.....straight afterwards my litte girl moved the pram and said I don't want it to get our baby, it wants our baby, then her eyes drew towards the hall and she was hysterical asking ''whats that??''

after that nothing happened for ages and my daughter doesn't see things anymore and she doesn't remember it. The only things i've experienced since then is a voice saying ''yes'' in my ear it sounded like a woman, I heard what sounded like someone sitting on my bed when I was downstairs ( it creaks when you sit on it) however this couldn't have been possible and lastly i've felt something grab my ankle when I was sat on the couch I don't know if something else could possibly have caused that sensation or not :?


This house can be creepy but only sometimes, I have heard several other people on this estate complain about strange goings on in their houses too!!

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Ooooh daniels86 how I wish I hadn't just read your post.


I'm sat here alone and I've got goosebumps now :oops: One little bump and I'll be an even bigger nervous wreck.


Interesting about your little girl and her chats to her 'friend' though.


When I was very little my mum and dad used to sit outside my bedroom door listening to me having very long and detailed chats with my 'friend' at bedtime. Whenever they asked me who I'd been talking too I always replied 'the old lady who sits at the bottom of my bed of course' :shock:


Mum always reconed it was my Grandma who had sadly died when I was a baby :?


They do say very young kids are more 'open' to seeing spirits and things but as they get older they become 'closed' to it.


But one things for sure if anything happened in my house like you say has happened in yours then I'd be off in a flash :oops: Gosh I'm a whimp :lol:

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