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In 1511 in Scotland a man took a chunk of granite


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and carved it into a round throwing disc for sliding across ice and these days it is a Winter Olympics sport called Curling for the place where it was invented. A film called MEN WITH BROOMS, in 2002, features Leslie Nielsen in perhaps his last serious role, if this film can be called serious. It seems to be a warm hearted tribute to the people who take the sport seriously. Nielsen wear a touque through many of his scenes when he is not wearing a Tam O'Shanter formal Scottish uniform. It is a feel good film about competitive sports with precision, strategy, and sportsmanship.


One of Nielsen's final lines is: If we are on thin ice we might as well dance.

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Can't say i have even heard of the film let alone seen it but I do like watching the curling when it is shown.


It is one sport that I would really like to have a go at as it looks so easy on the telly. Mind you they are the best in their respective countries so they should make it look easy. With my luck I would forget to let go and find myself being dragged down the ice face first. :oops::oops:

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