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What do you think of the Kenny factor?

Geoffrey Settle

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Love him or hate him Kenny Daglish is certainly having an impact in the short term with another win at Chelsea today.


Mind you my old team( from the 60's when I lived in Wolverhampton for a couple of years) The WOLVES did the same when they went to Stamford Bridge.


Like Liverpool are fighting for their lives to climb back up the table.

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King Kenny has just enjoyed his honeymoon period. Its now over.


The golden rule is never to go back. It will all end in tears.


Why on earth they have let him spunk all the Torres money up the wall is just bizarre. The vast amount of money spent on that party animal Andy Carroll was just ludicrous and smacked of desperation. We all know where panic buys get you.


Carry on.

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United were poor. The referee was up to normal standard for the premiership (blind!) A couple of red card decisions missed (one each side). :wink::wink::wink:

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