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Water Companies


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Ag Paul is right it was UU - they had to deal with an emergency burst and had no option. _ It's impact was wider than just Fearnhead and they did do a lot of the work during the night.


It was broadcast on the TV and Radio - but there was no chance of a card drop.


The water pressure is low today so tey must be doing some additional work. There will be a number to ring on your water bill or check the telephone directory.

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Tell that to those in Woolston.


I've just been to the garage and everyones buying bottled water because it's all gone off completly again this morning (Sunday)


In Paddington, we're still down to a trickle but at least able to fill some pans up.


Bill :)

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Thought water companies were obliged to bring in water bowsers or hand out bottled water. Seems disgraceful that people should have to buy water from shops given that they are already paying for it by way of their water bills.


Come on UU, if things are as bad as Bill is indicating, get your finger out and start looking after your hard pressed customers.....customers who can't choose their supplier!

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The pressure is still really low in woolston. No water upstairs in our house and a trickle downstairs, shower won't work because the pressure is to low.

The recorded message from UU says it could be like this for another couple of days. It is because of a burst at Bewsey which is close to a gas mains and is making the repair dificult.

I wonder if we will get any sort of refund on water bills? I think the answer will be ......NO.

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