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Cinnamon Brow Virgin down and out

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That's right power failure has taken the Virgin Broadband out of action all day. Even when the power is restored there may be further complications according to the men at the sub station. Big hole being dug on the pavement.


Problem is it's also affected viewing of the footy and other stuff.


Fortunately I can use my student account in the university so I'm back on line :)

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Virgin Fibre Broadband won't work in my close in Westbrook because the lazy sods won't install it!!!


Instead I'm lucky to get a 1mb connection.


Come on Councillor Settle; get a motion going to have fibre to EVERY house in warrington, not just posh areas like Cinnamon Brow!!

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Don?t think there?s much if any copper in one of Virgin?s fibre optic cables so nicking its not a good idea, but having their broadband is.


I have it at home and can?t ever remember having any problems whatsoever. I get a constant 10meg download speed that gives great results running the BBC iPlayer with perfect smoothness.


I know what you mean about the Callands area Baz. I have a friend in Old Hall and the system there only runs at about 30k max, which isn?t even dial up speeds let alone broadband.


Bill :)

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I've been out all day and just got in to find we're bsck up again. However my neighbour has just called by to ask if our phone is working - guess what - it's NOT.


Now then when the internet was down I simply called 151 but now we have no PHONE what shall I do :idea:


Perhaps I send Virgin an email to tell them about the PHONE!!!! :shock:


Looks like the electricity men where right when they said 'Once we get the power back - VIRGIN are going to have problems because of the way the cables are laid'

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Well it doesn't make sense to me that your internet/tv is now working but your phone which was working now isn't. If yours are like ours they are seperate alltogehter, TV and Broadband come through the cable...phone comes through the old BT line :?

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Same here, Geoff. Funny thing isthe phone was working all over the weekend. Good luck on finding an email address, I ended up calling them, there's a number on the Virgin site for customer services.


When it was down a few weeks ago they told me I should have reported it when it was off, I told them it was a bit tricky, what with the phone not working....

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Now then when the internet was down I simply called 151 but now we have no PHONE what shall I do :idea:


Just a thought Geoff... but why don't you ring them from your blackberry on 0845 454 1111 :wink::lol:


If you are online though type your details in here and it should tell you what's wrong in your area... or maybe not



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Not much chance of me being dizzy or busy... my internet is going sooooo slooooooow tonight.


It's your fault Geoff :P


What speeds are you getting from yours and what bb package are you on. We are on 'medium' broadband.


Just tested mine (with www.speedtest.net) and I am getting


download speed of 0.43 Mb/s

upload speed of 0.91 Mb/s

ping of 62ms

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Thanks Geoff :D Are you on size medium too ?


Mines a bit faster today so not causing me any real probs but still not as fast as yours. :cry: It's always faster in the day anyway 8)


According to their recent letter they have just doubled our upload speed for free too.... I've not noticed any difference though :?


Just checked mine again and today it is


download 9.72 mb/s

upload 0.95 mb/s

ping 40 ms


MP3 (5MB) 5 sec

Video Clip (35 MB) 29 sec

Movie (800MB) 11min


Would be interested to know what speeds people are getting who are not on Virgin too.

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