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Council Web Site your thoughts

Geoffrey Settle

What do you think of the WBC web site?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the WBC web site?

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Here's another survey for you. Before Christmas WBC upgraded their web site and I'm just wondering if you noticed and if you did what your thoughts are about it?


Please say what you access on the site if you use it and what else you would like to see on it.



I've tried to change the title but it won't let me - technology!


The title above should read

What do you think of the WBC Web Site?

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Time 10.56pm


Inky is correct... their website is not working :roll: Shame as I fancied giving something a good bashing (I mean testing :wink: )


So I will not vote until it is working but in the mean time from memory and recent use...


1. The home page is not too bad in appearance


2. BUT I can never usually find the information I am looking for unless it is basic stuff but this was the same with their old site.


3. The 'search planning applications online' rarely works unless you are lucky enough to know the exact planning application number. Often it just doesn't work at all and gives an error message.


5. Many of the documents which are available for viewing for older planning applications or more indepth applications are wrong and contain scanned documents for other planning applications. Some are scanned within other documents too which makes it hard to follow :wink::lol:


6. Unless you know where to look it is very hard to find exec board agendas, minutes and related documents.


7. The home page should show any current or upcoming consultations so that anyone looking is immediately aware of them.. they should not expect people to have to wander round the site trying to find the appropriate page or information 'just incase'.


8. Can't remember what else but they are the problems I have encountered in the past few weeks.


No too bad though :D

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Well the council's website is working again :D


I don't think it's a waste of money as all organisations and businesses have web sites these days... unless of course WBC they are paying OTT for theirs :wink:


Over all I think the new one is now a LOT better than the old one.


New one seems to have suddenly had a lot of aditional tweaks made to it too and it's pretty user friendly and obvious for general stuff. Maybe that is why it was down yesterday.


Search facility on home page is still a bit naff though as it doesn't seem to be able to find anything.. well not for me anyway.


Much easier to find things on the CMIS minutes agendas and decisions sections though and that now has a fairly decent search facility of it's own.. HURRAH and the layout is much better :D


Problem though... if you go to his section then press 'home' it doesn't take you back to WBC's home page it leaves you on the cmis home page so you have to re-enter the web address in your browser. Not to worry no big problem.


Still not much on there about the 20 mph speed limits etc though unless you know where to go and look or what to look for :?


I gave it a good as I think it's a lot better than before but that may be because I'd just spotted a section where you can create e-petitions on there :lol::lol:

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Oops sorry, I haven't been able to change it as the Internet has been down all day - men out in road fixing electrical supplies and stuff.


I've tried to change the title but it won't let me it should read:


What do you think of the WBC web site?


Ah, all has become clear!


It's not bad but can be a bit frustrating. Trying to find out about dates for bin collections if you don't have a sticker on them and have forgotten when it is due is a case in point. They seem to want us to guess!!

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It's on the front page SL... click 'recycling and waste'.. then click 'black bin collections'.. then enter your postcode on the My Warrington Page (link below) :wink: It shows all info relevant to where you personally live.




PS I only know that as I couldn't remember if it was blue bin week this week as I keep forgetting to put mine out so I looked yesterday :oops:

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Your link took me there (thanks), but from the WBC homepage if you click on the 'Bin collections' icon on the left or the 'Recycling & Waste' in the Quick Links menu, you just get a page about recycling and then have to click again to get the info you want. It's cumbersome! I discovered that you can use the 'Find it' link on the right hand column of the home page to get there a bit quicker but it should just be one click each time, not half a dozen!


Perhaps they are still changing things and it will become more user friendly soon!!

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