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Dizzy's in a SPIN

Geoffrey Settle

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Well Geoffrey, I intentionally didn't post on here earlier so you'd think I hadn't noticed your comments but I'm going to carry on spinning now that I know it is annoying you and Algy too :wink::lol:


Annoying isn't it but you can thank BazJ as he found it :P


ps I'm not in a spin about any topics and I actually have 333+333 with the words hexak?sioi hexēkonta h?x under them as I am unique

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Thanks Algy


I'll change it now just to see if that one is less annoying to the eyes of others :lol:


Like you though I'm going off here to finish my wine and to read my law books etc for a bit of relaxation.. I wont be back later as I will be otherwise engrossed.


Chill out time :lol:

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How daft am I.... I can't click 'save as' because it's an animated .gif and it doesn't work then if I try to upload it.


Algy... you will need to post the swirly .gif image in a reply message so then I can copy the whole code and it's location :oops: or copy and past the code and target, if there is one, to me in a PM.


Or easier still....... I'll just put my baby photo back cos I'm missing my cute little face and the beer can :lol:

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Flippin' heck Geoff.. surely that one is better that the last one I had. Does Wolfie's wolf freak you out too :shock::lol:


I'll go and look for another one now just for you but I'll leave the one Algy gave me here for a while just incase others wonder what you didn't like again :cry::lol::wink:



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