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Peter T

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I am getting attacked by something called Antimalware Doctor that is telling me that all sorts of nasty things are being done to my laptop.

It says at the top that it is Protaection Center Alert.


How do I stop it?

Done a full AVG scan and it hasn't come up in that. It even moves my date and news items on the right hand side of the desktop as well as dropping this down to the bottom. HELP.

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Peter... have you tried deleting all your internet browsing and cookies etc. Also check your internet security ie go to Tools, Internet Options, Privacy and check that you are set no lower than 'medium'


A lot of these so called pop up spyware/malware warning are just from opportunist or dodgy sites who tell you you have something they get you to sign up or indeed tell you you have something which you then say 'fix' and it buggers your PC up.


However since the problems on here last week my pc'c been getting increasingly more 'odd'.


I did a full Avast Scan etc and nothing but have today uninstalled Avast and also Virgin Security as they dont like each other anymore.


I now have a much higher level of Virgin Security running alone and a scan again found nothing but for some reason when I am on the forum the text occasionaly changes or warps infront of my eyes and something seems to be eating into my CPU :shock:


I'll see if I can find anything out for you about your problem

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First delete your cookies - Accessories - System Tools - Disc Clean Up. Say yes until it finishes.


Then go to your Anti virus main page and hit the update folder and let it do its thing.


After that if its still there then check your security settings, you may have to raise the setting level.


If none of that works, it could be a Trojan and in that case you will have to remove your anti virus and then re download it. Seems like a lot but it should take care of it.

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I forgot to say..... have to tried doing a system restore to a few days ago ie before you started getting it ?


Here's what it is though... not much help to you though eh.


Antimalware Doctor is a rogue anti-spyware program that is installed through malware.


When installed, Antimalware Doctor will be configured to start automatically when you login to Windows.


Once running it will scan your computer and detect numerous infections, but will not remove them until you first purchase the program. These infections, though, are all fake.


The real infection are the Antimalware Doctor program itself and the malware that installed it. Therefore, please do not purchase the program based on anything it displays.


There is a link here which also shows up on other sites for how to remove it.




WARNING though ... I used Malwarebytes and that's why I had to have my pc rebuilt but that was only because what I thought was a genuine and licenced copy of XP wasn't and malware bytes found the code file that made it work but deleted it :lol::lol:


Chap on Walton Road uses malwarebytes though so as long as you don't have any hacked software you should be ok using it or better still maybe you should just let him sort it :wink:

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Buy a Mac :wink:


It's not raining.


Thank you everyone.

Wolfie, That rings a bell, I think you suggested that a couple of years ago on my main PC and I installed it.

Thanks to everyone. I will follow your instructions.

I shut it down last night, and this am seems ok.

Thought if I disconnected the net, it would allow me to do other things. LOL, it carried on working, I guess I must have Wifi set up.


The joys of old age and ignorance. :oops::oops::oops::oops:

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I am now back online after forking out just pence short of ?50.


The virus wouldn't allow me to do anything. The bloke said that he is getting a lot these days with this particular virus.


He advised that if it comes up on the screen warning that you have serious probles, DON'T try to get rid of it, just shut down Internet Explorer or Mozilla.


He recommened Malware as Wolofie said, and even though it is free, that you should buy the package as it gets rid of problems whereas the free one just flags them up.

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?50 :shock::shock:


Flippin' heck Peter where did you take it.


So what's the virus called :?


I used the free version of Malwarebytes last year after a similar problem and it did get rid of things... including the hack code that made XP work :shock::oops::lol:

They charge ?25 just to take the cover off near you.

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Must have put their prices up since I went then :shock: Only cost me ?25 but I did lose ALL my software cos he couldn't fix it any other way :? :


I had already taken my cover off though and told him what had happened. Maybe I got it cheaper cos I sort of sounded like I knew what I was on about... or maybe it was because I played with his dog :lol:

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