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Isn't Warrington in Cheshire?


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I have just read this and it made me think - what is happening with Warrington during all of this local Government re-organisation...


The government has decided to split Cheshire's local government in half, with two new councils to replace the present county and six districts.


The move comes after Planning revealed last week that planners from district councils in Wiltshire have already started leaving their jobs because of fears over the county's switch to unitary status (Planning, 14 December, p1).


A business plan for the reorganisation shows annual savings of ?1.8m from planning and transportation, out of ?30.1m identified.


But it did not specify direct any savings from planning, and the government has said that council staff in Cheshire will be treated in line with the Transfer of Undertakings Projection of Employment Regulations intended to protect them from changes in employer.


Two new councils will be created in 2009. City of Chester and West Cheshire will comprise the present boroughs of Chester, Ellesmere Port and Neston, and Vale Royal.


Cheshire East will take in Congleton, Crewe and Nantwich, and Macclesfield. Functions of Cheshire County Council will be split between the two.


Congleton leader Roland Domleo said he was "greatly saddened that the government did not listen to the people, who want local government to be local".

Does this leave Warrington "sitting pretty" in between the two new (and doubtless much better resourced) Cheshire East and Cheshire West Council's?
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Warrington is no longer part of the shire county, since it took unitary authority the postal address is now just Warrington.

With the going of the county council I dont know where the shire county now is. With all these area's having to find people to do the top jobs it is jobs for the boys, Warrington still has not managed to run the town efficiently yet and not likely to do so in the near future.

Does this mean that county councillors are going to be out of a job ?

Three cheers

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Originally posted by observer:

Not quite: it does what it is ALLOWED to do fiscally by central Government. :wink:

And when Central Government and indeed other government officials (regardless of party)are questioned or asked to intervene they say they can't get involved as decisions are made soley by the Local Authorities themselves..


So exactly who is it that's telling the porkies and passing the buck then :wink:


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