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Bins Again - Green


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I saw on the council website in Dec or early Jan that Green Bins collections were suspended till the start of Feb and in particular after checking the post code 4th February. Just saw the tail end of the wagon on Friday 28th at 8am going down the close.


Looked on the web site again at the post code to see they had changed the date. Judging by the lack of green bins in ours and the next close many people had not put their bins out.


I wouldnt mind but the contents of my green bin is the councils leaves off the trees they have failed to maintain for the last 20 odd years.


Maybe I should return the leaves to where they came from.


The prev lab councils did nothing, this lot has done nothing. It is only since the last election has our new councillor shown any interest, why has he,,, answer he lives round here.


Can these council employees not plan anything right - maybe they should be on the list of council cuts.

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I too saw the green waggon this week. I got on my marks ready to spring into action but then realised that my bin was empty.


With regard to trees I have been championing residents issues for a while. on 2nd April 2009 I wrote http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/yoursay/letters/4255779.Keeping_us_in_the_dark/ - don't let Gary see this link :wink:


I also wear another hat as Chair of Warrington Nature Conservation Forum so I have to take a measured view and I know you are going to call me a tree hugger :roll:

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Does seeing the first green bin collections mean it?s spring already? :roll:


Well Geoff certainly thought so as he sprung into action!

I too saw the green waggon this week. I got on my marks ready to spring into action.

Well no need to worry then. Does he really need to wear the mask and cape though? 8)


I think those council trees that held onto their leaves as long as they did this year should receive a good pruning! :lol:



Bill :)

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Not yet Spring Bill but I belive that it is time for counting the feathered friends this weekend. I'll post details when I find them.


As for pruning I received my first request of the year from a local resident. She wants a council bush to be trimmed back because it is obscuring :twisted: the view of pedestrians who are trying to cross the road to get to a bus stop.

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