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Do we want our Post Offices?


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Two that I use I find hard to understand being up for closure.


Winwick was one that Nick used to be a paper boy at and it always seemed busy and accessible the hub of Winwick. I'm not sure where the nearest one is Burtonwood or Culcheth, miles away?


The one at Padgate is opposite my doctors and you always get a good service and they know everyone. Again you'd have to travel to Woolston or Brookacre (Cinnamon Lane relocated there sometime ago).

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I popped into one of my local Post Offices, the one off Station Rd (1 Church Drive) opposite my doctors and understandably they were down beat.


They did however say that there was support and petitions from the two main political parties in Warrington against the closure by Post Office Ltd but that they didn't hold out too much help.


This is at the heart of the local community. A couple of weeks ago there was a for sale sign hanging over the pharmacist door but this has now gone.


The new fish and ship shop is doing good business and is using part of the Padgate railway station building.


The only way that businesses can survive in places like this is for the local people to use them and tell them that they are wanted. When you next go in pick up a leaflet from the counter and offer your support.


An announcement is expected in January so go and give them some Christmas Cheer.


'Please note that 17th December 2007 is the closing date of the local public consultation for this Area and all comments must be received by that date if they are to be considered..'


you can email Jane Briginshaw at consultation@postoffice.co.uk with your concerns.


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Here's a copy of my letter


Dear Jane Briginshaw,


As a Parish Councillor for the area I am very concerned about the impact that the closure of the Padgate post office will have on the local community.


This post office is the hub of the local area where everyone knows everyone else. It is a place where people can collect their weekly payments, purchase their post office goods and exchange pleasantries. The latter is extremely important and reassuring to many people especially after the recent cowardly murder that took place, not 400 meters away, of Gary Newlove.


To close this post office down will mean a huge trek to either Paddington or Fearnhead.


The Fearnhead post office used to be about a mile away until it was closed down last year and moved further away towards Warrington. The closure of Padgate post office will have a huge impact on the old and those without transport.


Although I live on the other side of the Parish, I am a patient at the Doctor's Padgate practice opposite and can therefore vouch for the concerns and feeling expressed by patients in the surgery and pharmacy across the road.



Geoff Settle

Parish Councillor

Poulton with Fearnhead

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Automatic reply reads:

Thank you for your email which has been received by the National

Consultation Team.


All views received up to and including the final day of the Local


Consultation are recorded and fully considered as part of our final

decision making process.


Further information on our current proposals can be readily obtained by

visiting www.postoffice.co.uk. Click on the Network Change Programme


select Current Public Consultations and choose the data you require


the table displayed. Alternatively, this information may be obtained


contacting Post Office Ltd as detailed below.


National Consultation Team

Freepost Consultation Team

Website: www.postoffice.co.uk

Customer Helpline: 08457 22 33 44


Post Office Ltd

Registered in England and Wales number: 2154540 Registered Office:


Old Street


I hope you are all writing in support of your local PO.
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I was in the area Padgate again today and the Church was open for tea so I called in.


They are angry at the closure of the PO and as they pointed out at 11 there was a queue of people at the Post Office. They also told me of the long walk that they would now have to make to get to the nearest ones.


By the way the tea and company were very good.

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