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Warrington Classic Car Show, 2010


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Nice photos PJ, Corsair, a class motor, my father-in-law had one , it went like s**t of a shovel, the only problem as I remember, it was'nt to keen on stopping and he used put the fear of god up me. :wink:

I never had a Vespa, had a Lambretta Li 125 to travel to work in Broadheath on, when there was ice on the road I used to spend more time off it than on it. :lol:

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Dizzy. That's "blasphemy". Lock you doors.

Nice pics. I found one of those AA badges in my Father's garage. :)


I was only kidding Peter.. there was no rust (although I was going to add some for a joke :oops:) I was just teasing Baz. :wink:


We've got an AA badge somewhere too but I'm sure it was octaganol. Keep yours then if anyone ever pinches the one of Baz's car you can sell it to him for a 'small' fortune :lol:

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