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total income/expenditure of WBC


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hey guys,


Im researching the possibility of a local sales tax to replace council tax in Warrington. Before I endorse it, i need to find out total income/expenditure of WBC (and several other factors).


Is there anywhere i can access this data? I diddnt find much on the website.


Thanks very much :D

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and under a FOI (freedom of Information) request... not that they will probably give you the full story though unless you are very specific in your request.. and even then a lot of it will be classed as 'sensitive' and contrary to whatever Act they desire :?

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Thanks very much for all the replies, a Paul Kennedy has given me the link to the income/expenditure (many thanks).


I do believe that carefully executed, a local sales tax can work without being detremental to the commerce of Warrington. Of course you need to have sufficient income to cover the expenditure, without putting people off buying within Warringtons borders. The idea is that people will continue to shop in Warrington, as the sales tax will be less than the cost of travelling to neighbouring areas, Certainly no more than ?1 per ?100 (or 1%), starting at 1p for 99p+ products (<99p will be exempt, and hopefully as well as VAT free products), and having a cap at ?1000 or more ( no more than ?10 per product). Of course these figures are provisional, and may change subject to expenditure of WBC, the ammount of goods sold within warrington, and most importantly peoples attitudes.


I most certainly dont want it to go above 1%, otherwise there will be no bladdy shops in warrington! :lol:

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it could only ever work on a national level because otherwise the penketh/westbrook side of the town would all nip to Widnes for their shopping and the other side would nip to Cadishaed or somewhare!


Pay no council tax and pay no local tax!

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