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Chamber of commerce on the worm

Geoff Settle

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somebody once asked me to go to one of these breakfast "networking" meetings for business owners. Then they dropped the bombshell that it started at 06:30.... he explained that it was so I could still go and do a full days work afterwards.... what are these people on?


I started my own company nearly 10 years ago so that if I wanted to, I could start work at 10:00 and work till 4pm, not add extra hours to the day


It is like the ones who get on the train at Bank Quay at 7 in the morning and get the laptops out and the phones and work for 2 hours before they get to work.... sure fire way to an early grave if you ask me!

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You must be talking of BNI Baz - I have been a member for seven years and never looked back.

Best decision I ever made.

If you are happy in your working life you can work 24/7 - even sold an advert on my holidays abroad once! :o


Geoff RE Chamber events - If your approiach the Chamber - mentioning your heard them on the worm I am sure they may allow none members to some of the networking events.

There were somone none members at JTF last night!

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