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Joining Wolves was no brainer


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Gaz...Please don't use the term *disgraced* Aussie. He's a Wire now...time to move on. If half the things I did when I was a young man became public I'd still be a laughing stock after all these years. Bestiality though was never one of my indiscretions although Afghan Hounds can be quite attractive.


It is written in the past tense. :wink:

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Whatever went on.. which ok even I know know about thanks to the press although I have no interest in it.... every time I have heard this chaps name mentioned on the local radio or seen news reports of him in various news acticles over the past months he is alway refered to as the 'disgraced' player or similar.


The questions are always the same... do you think you will get a lot of abuse at matches because of blah blah blah !?!?


If everyone stopped going on about it then it would be forgotten about and he and everyone else could concentrate on the actual game of rugby rather than 'the other'. :roll:


On the other hand maybe it is keeping some people more interested in him than if he had just been 'someones brother' and it is of course keeping his name more in the limelight so to speak :?:wink:

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