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Pink Ladies Taxis


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The simple fact is, they're operating illegally. I emailed the Suzy Lamplugh trust (who reccomend them) and even they didnt know the law had been changed to stop it happening, they're now dropping them.

I notice that St Rocco's are being sponsered by them for the up-coming night walk, and pink ladies are offering cars to shuttle the competitors around. Also illegally!

AFAIA, they have to comply soon (not sure of the timescale) or risk being shut down.

We only need to look at the nation press to see how many people are assaulted/raped or even murdered by illegal/unlicensed cab's.

The sooner they either comply or go away the better.

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it still says on the news pages of their website that: "As a result of the exhibition Pink Ladies London has swelled its membership by over 500" There is no Pink Ladies in London anymore.


The scottish pages are still there but not available through the menu http://www.pinkladiesmembers.co.uk/livingston/index.php and london:




who is their webmaster... I would sack him/her!!


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Originally posted by Tilly:

OMG - this post still running :D !!!!!

Not for much longer, and if your one of the owners then you might not have your house for much longer either! Going limited (as you/they did a few weeks ago) wont make any difference if it was seen to be avoiding your debt.


Tara's dad.

Your information is wrong on to many accounts to put them right on here, but here's a few examples:

Taxi's will have to be 90% WAV by 2010, this doesnt mean they all have to be London style cabs!

Drivers have to take the shortest PRACTICAL route not shortest possible route.


The "transport inspectors" recently employed to police the towns taxi/ph fleet are not allowed to inspect vehicles roadworthyness, they simply aren't qualified to do so, only the council testers are allowed to do this (and they do so from time to time).


The value of hackney plates are nil, they were given as part of the application many years ago and due to the limits they were sold on for profit. No compensation will be given when (if) dereg happens.

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Originally posted by Tilly:

With reference to the part of Hiccy's last post that is directed at me, I am absolutly furious. Who on earth do you think you are making such comments when you dont know who your making them to or anything about them :x

I said "IF" your one of the owners. What on earth is wrong with that?

"IF" your not, then why get upset? (apart from you advocating the use of unlicensed taxi's that is, which your free to do.)


"IF you are, then i refered to you going Limited a few weeks ago, and it not making any difference to your financial status should you go bust, meaning it will be clear you did it knowing you were in difficulty, and as such you can be made bankrupt personally should you be unable to meet your debt's.


You seem really pleased to inform everyone that they're still in buisness, and thats the beauty of free speech.

Just like me pointing out some fact's.


I didnt mean to upset you, it's nothing to get upset about, after all, you just use them from time to time dont you?


[ 15.03.2007, 17:55: Message edited by: hiccy ]

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I took offence at you almost relishing the prospect of me or who ever loosing their home!


That comment was on bad form.


Who ever owns Pink Ladies and whether they are doing right or wrong the chances are that should anyone loose their home it wont just have an impact on them but others too such as partners and children, that is not something that makes me rub my hands together with delight. I can?t relate to why anyone would take delight in anyone else?s misfortune. At the end of the day they are just people trying to make a living, I don?t for one minute think that ?if? they have got something wrong that they?ve done it just for the fun of it or to wind people up!


Yes it is a discussion forum and free speech is something we should not take for granted but we cant just say what we like regardless of how it might hurt, or upset others, that?s not responsible.


I?ll join in, voice my opinion and have a bit of banter on here like the next person especially with TD, but if I ever meet him I?d buy him a pint and I?m sure he knows that, I don?t go too far and don?t for one minute think I?ve ever caused offence!


I?m not knowledgeable enough in the legal side of this particular subject and you might note I haven?t commented on that side of things but if you read back I?m keen for Pink Ladies or others to continue to provide the kind of service they do for the reasons I?ve given in previous posts.


I personally feel that what ever this firm has or hasn?t done, within the law or not, they were never going to be welcomed by other firms or individuals providing similar services.


[ 16.03.2007, 13:16: Message edited by: Tilly ]

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I think people are a bit miffed you are defending a company which has upset quite a few other people and affected their lives and those of their loved ones.

They also seem to think they are above the law and try everything in their power to mislead people.

e.g their recent pink rabbits publicity scam.


The only people defending them are the minority of women passengers who believe they are entitled to an exclusive woman only service.

I suppose we will have to have a gay persons only taxi service next driven by the only gay in the village! :wink:

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Tilly, i take on board your comments. My only problem with them is they're illegal. It's a great idea, and for about ?450 per car per year they could be legal and above board. Is that to much to pay to be safe and legal? By the way, taxi and Private Hire are exempt from using radio equipment whilst driving, Pink Ladies are neither, so everytime your Lady radio's in for a job whilst driving (which is very often) they're breaking the law again.

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Tilly, you seem upset at the thought of people losing their homes and the effects it can have on families and loved ones. Well thats exactly what is happening to the 2 lovely ladies who bought the Plymouth Franchise and could yet happen to other franchisees. And its very galling to see the 2 Directors just buy the assets back for ?11750 and get away with debts of many times that amount and then just continue trading as though nothing had changed.


And as you have all seen they made a statement to this very Publication stating that it was a mere Financial Reorganisation that would have no effect on business.


Hiccy, you may be able to help me, you say about the Directors may be personally liable, well thats the route several franchisees are now investigating, persuing the Directors personally for their personal assets. If you can offer any insight or assistance that would be greatly appreciated. We are just at the moment joining together to approach a specialist solicitor on this subject.


Also ongoing is the investigation by ACCA into the Conduct of the Administrators who sold the business back to the origianal owners whilst ignoring approaches from some of the franchisees for a meeting with a view for bidding for the business at a substantially higher price than that paid by Winders and Dutton.


ACCA are taking the allegations very seriously.

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I got my info from a customer of ours who is a bankruptcy solicitor (a very good one i've heard) who explained that it's much like disposing of assets before banruptcy, i you dispose of assets(ie, a buisness) to avoid having to pay creditors, and it can be proved that you knew that in all probability you were trying to limit your financial loss before the dreaded day then you can still be held liable.

Much like having to go bankrupt, but going on a buying spree with your credit cards before it happens. If it can be proved that it was done even though you knew you wouldnt be able to pay it back then the court can (and does) make orders for repayment.

I'm unable to mention names i'm afraid, but a specialist solicitor dealing in company law would help i'm sure.

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Hi everyone , i now need your help with some information.


As I have mentioned I have raised a formal complaint with ACCA about the way the administrators sold the business back to the 2 original Directors of Pink Ladies when i was asking to be included in the bidding. This complaint is being taken very seriously by ACCA.


I have received a letter today from ACCA with a copy of the claimed defence of the Administrators of their actions.


In this letter they claim that the only asset of Pink Ladies worth saving was the membership database and they state that as Pink Ladies Ltd had not traded for over a month as at 6th December 2006 when the sale was concluded to Warrington Pink Ladies Ltd , then it was imperative for an extremely quick sale as the value in the database was rapidly decreasing due to the company not trading.


I was always under the impression that Pink Ladies Ltd never ceased providing a service and were open for business as usual all throughout this period in question. However I am not based in Warrington so just wish to make sure before I reply to ACCA's letter.


I am asking any of you that know for sure can you please advise, did Pink Ladies ever actually stop providing a service after they went into Administration on 6th November until Warrington Pink Ladies Ltd took over from 6th December.


Tilly and maybe Bren, you will know this if you used the service over that time and I would appreciate your input. I know you love your Pink taxis but in the instance the truth is more important. The Administrators would not be claiming this as a defence if they did not sincerely believe it to be true. But they only know what they were told by the Directors of Pink Ladies.


Taras Dad, or Paul, perhaps you might know the answer to this question or know someone who would know.


Would really appreciate any comments as soon as possible please.. thanks a lot.

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Dont know exactly the amount of miles etc but you can or at least you could pay a fixed rate per month if your travel more than x amount per month bit like a bus pass and then travel as much as you want.


I pay into my account as and when needed over the phone , I am alway told what a fare will be and what my balance will then be once I've taken the journey.


No idea re stopping a service - I have always got one when I needed one but there are times when I dont need one so cant help there.


[ 20.03.2007, 11:57: Message edited by: Tilly ]

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Sorry not been on for a wile SO....... hiccy yes you are partly rite and wrong at the same time wow that a first. Yes the council licensing officer can take you off the road at any time full stop. and the Enforcement officer ( who clearly do not know about )no one said they check the cab is road worthy he only as to think its not to take you off easy as that so your wrong.

And you are rite the police and transport officer and tax and DHSS can also take you off the road when they do a joint check see joint check?? JOINT so all the above bodies are prescient like you are not saying. They can take you off the road. So again like most of your posts you are wrong the Enforcement officer can ask you to report to the test station if he thinks the taxi or private hire cab is unsafe or need checking. YES.......but try saying NO and carry on working then see what happens. and you got me at it they are



Drivers have to take the shortest PRACTICAL route not shortest possible route.


wrong again its Drivers have to take the shortest PRACTICAL route not the Fastest possible route.


but most of all its up to the costumers on what route not you or the driver. tut, tut, wrong again are you at hack driver by any chance



And about the Disability style cabs they are the only going to be one type cab in Warrington that will have more than tree years on licences all the rest will have to have new cabs no matter every 3 years the there will only be one type they said that you will have for over 3 years is its only going to be the TX 1.2.3 do you know that !!! nope so where your getting your information from first ask the council there plans not what other towns are doing as Warrington as its own plans


[ 20.03.2007, 15:22: Message edited by: tara dad ]

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