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Stockton Heath Streets


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Streets, roads & dwellings that existed in Stockton Heath village in the mid 19th century. May be of interest to someone.


Mapel Lane, Providence Lane, Littlemoore Row, Bostock St, Foll Barrow, Bedford View (Bedford St. ?), Well Fold, Palm Cottages,

Stockton Lodge, Stockton Mount, Beech House, Wrights Buildings,

Hallwoods Cottages, Fingerpost Row, Rigbys Cottages, Marrow Lane,

St. Thomas Place (Post Office here), Church Place, Bank View,

Warburton Cottages, Edgerley Cottages, South Cexland St.

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Sorry Diz no can do as I had occasion to view the 1881 census and trawled through next & previous neighbours addresses and I don't have access to a detailed map of SH. OOps! in trouble with obs, no doubt he would say I have plaigerised it, think I should delete the post, nah! I think not. :wink:

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Just had a look on my photocopy of the 1896 map which is a lot clearer than the online 1875 map and some are on there (all up towards the London Bridge Pub where the map stops and over to Heath/Bedford Streey etc) although I'm rather cross eyed now :lol: Some are then not there on the on the 1907 map.


They both show a 'smithty' too near the LB pub and where I mentioned that I had found 'Dogs Field' on your other pub topic.... still don't get how the S&B pub was so far away from the mentioned field and smithy though :oops:


Obs will get at me too for looking at a paper copy rather then on the 'net' eh :lol:

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:oops::oops: You cant read it :lol::lol: Algy the scanned file is large and can be zoomed right in on but I forgot about the limitations on this site ie you cant click images to enlarge :oops:


Right click the image above and 'save picture as' to your desktop and you should be able open and zoom unless photoshop has shrunk the file OR if you want me to email it you you 'pm' me your email address :wink:


In the meantime here's a zoom and crop of the smithy area



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Not the same Smithy that I had read about although Dogs field was mentioned, probably me who has mixed my information up, not unusual I hasten to add as I am known by my pals as Duff (as in Duff info, sometimes the info given unintentionally, sometimes given intentionally) perhaps I should change my stage name, back to Stockton Heath there is a very interested book on SH in the library written originally sometime in the 19th century but this one is an abridged version published by someone in around 1920s' it is about the characters and life generally in the area, I found it both informative and humorous.

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No idea and I've never seen one anywhere. You could try asking the council or reference library as they SHOULD have copies of all the old OS maps but possibly only for viewing.


The 1896 one I have is one my mum somehow 'aquired'. It is only A2 but covers the area from left 'Little Sankey' down to Walton Inferior then accross the canal then from right from Latchford Without accross the canal and down to Stockton Heath. It stops after the London Bridge pub so does not include any of appleton.


All irellevant though as you can have the one I just creased slightly by scanning it as I have another copy..... you could always have it blown up to A0 size in staples if they don't notice the copyright :wink:


I've also got a 1907 AO size 'acquired' copy of the map. I'll see how much it would cost to have it photocopied for you if you want that too :wink:

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A true gentleman you are then Algy :D:wink:


The first person to say I'm not a lady though gets a cyber smack in the mouth :lol::P


So now I know it's safe to ask..


Why was it called 'Latchford Without' :? Was there a 'Latchford With' Was it something to do with Parishes or Boundaries ?


Also Why was 'Walton Inferior' called that? Was it because it was on the northern side of the canal? Was ther a 'Walton Superior' on the other side ?


When did 'Lower Walton' and 'Higher Walton' appear on the maps as the 1896/1907maps I've got do not differentiate between Stockton Heath and what is now called Lower Walton (or Walton as per current day addresses and post codes)

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Ere' you are Dizz:

Thanks to Wikipedia.

Latchford was originally a township in the ancient parish of Grappenhall, in Cheshire. It was also part of Bucklow Hundred, and was close to the border with Lancashire.[2][3]


Between 1894 and 1974, part of Latchford was placed within the County Borough of Warrington, and the registration county of Lancashire, whilst the rest of Latchford became a civil parish named "Latchford Without" and was transferred to the Lancashire

More to come on the Superior/Inferior saga :wink:

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Ere! you are Dizz Pt.2,

Walton Superior/Inferior.

Saxtons Map of 1577 Walton is shown only as 'Nether Walton'

Burdetts Map of 1777 " " " as Lower & Higher Walton

Greenwoods Map 1819 " " " " " " "

Bryants Map 1831 " " " Superior & Inferior

OS Map 1875 " " " " "

So it looks as if my theory regarding the Greenalls is flawed as they did'nt build Walton Hall until 1836-38. It looks as if the naming of Walton was down to the Map Makers and purely referred to the nature of the topography of the land, Higher/Superior - up the hill,

Lower/Inferior - bottom of the hill.

Getting back to Greenalls, they would probably have owned the land in Walton some years prior to building Walton Hall and may have influenced the map maker of the time so I'm not letting them off the hook completely

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