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Blue Monday


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Today (17th) is 'Blue Monday' ....the most miserable day of the according to the calculations of psychologists :?


So now they have told us that and made us aware of the reasons behind it all will we be fed up :lol:



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Awwww Evils... if only we had a 'huggy' emoticon :cry::lol:


I know what you mean though. All my days are the same too Zzzzzzz and weekends are not much different really... but there are probably a lot of people who would wish for what we have or what we do/don't do.


Apparently the following list is the top 10 answers to the question of 'what makes people happy'..... maybe there is something in there to cheer us up :lol::wink:


The top ten answers


1. Helping someone who needs you


2. Receiving an unexpected compliment


3. Hearing the sound of the sea


4. Sitting in the sunshine


5. Listening to music


6. Eating your favourite food


7. Hearing happy laughter


8. Winning money


9. Going for a walk on the beach


10. Having a snowball fight

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What about listening to birds sing, i heard a robin singing his head off when I came back from having a pint (or two) the other night I think its the street lights that confuse them, bet he was knackered in the morning when dawn came. Joking apart it would be a strange world without birds singing.

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