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I don't exist....


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Well obviously I do exist or I wouldn't be posting on here, or paying my bills, or paying the government my tax etc.... or have a NI number or bank accounts etc etc... or be registered with the NHS... or everytig else


But when it comes to taking a half hour plane ride to another part of the UK it seems I can't actually prove that I do exist or that I am who I am and a UK citizen at all.


I can't fly as I have no ID to prove who I really am.... once I get to pension age I will be ok though :roll:


Surely I must have something that says I am ok to fly... but seems not :cry:


I am no-one :cry::roll:

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what sort of id do you need to board a plane these days.


i have a driving license, but it is an old paper one so no picture.

i have a passport, but it is so out of date that the picture of me make me look about twenty.

i could produce a utility bill but that can be presented by anybody who finds one of mine in the rubbish (or post office sorting office) :wink:

in fact the only thing that i have that is recent and has a picture of me on is the passenger assistant badge that i have. would that do?


as for doubting that you exist try not paying the bills :lol::lol:

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Current Passport = OK

Photo Driving Licence = OK for some

Birth Certificate = NO

Utility Bill = NO

Credit Card = NO

Student NUS Card = OK for some

Police Card = OK

Certain photo ID cards = OK

Pension Book = OK (I think)


Can't remember what else but I don't have any of them :oops:

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Well if an original Birth Certificate won't do as proof to enable me to fly Algy.. how on earth is a duplicate one supposed to help :lol:


Another case of lack of breast milk for us both I fear.


My list was meant to show what you "could" and "couldn't" use internally. (PS by "internally" ... I mean to fly within the UK :lol::wink: )


PS thanks Lt K... maybe I should get an ID card although I have never had any problems buying alcohol for a long long time HIC :lol::wink:

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Write to your local MP (he will get back eventually) and also write to one of the airlines(or more) and tell them you are a UK citizen born and bred and want to know how to get on a plane given your circumstances.

Until last year, the only thing I had was a Virgin phone bill as gas and electric are paperless.

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Don't start being clever Baz :lol::P


Think I might have to get one although it seems a bit OTT just to fly to southampton and back :roll:


Even getting a passport seems hard as it says I might have to have an interview too :roll: To make it worse I cant even print my own photo off so I wouldn't be able to fix the blemishes :lol:


Madness as my son who is only 16 can fly there using his student NUS card and we got that over the internet but it had to be sent to his college for collection... that's all the proof he needed.


Ah ha ... maybe I should become a student :D

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It was about 5 hrs on the train but I would have had to change so would have probably finished up in Scotland knowing my luck and skills when it comes to travelling :oops:


Tried to go to Liverpool by train many years ago and went to the wrong station at first then went to the right one and stood on the wrong platform so missed all the trains :oops:


Never been on one since :lol:


Thanks SL... If I can find my old driving licence I'll change it for a photo one.


Anyway one good things come out of it all.... I'll be on here all week now instead of being near the beach in the rain :wink:

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