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Local cutbacks and a better solution.....


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in 2008/2009

Clr O'Neil was paid total allowances of ?22,682.89.

Clr Marks was paid total allowances of ?29.164.68.

Clr Welborn was paid total allowances of ?22,154.60 &

Clr Bland was paid total allowances of ?22,106.65....


so just shy of ?100,000.00 in allowances for 4 councillors with a total allowance of ?671,070.85 claimed by all of the councillors in Warrington.


Now seeing as it is the officers that make all of the decisions, maybe getting rid of at least 60% of the councillors would be a good start which would mean the Libraries would not have to close and other services could be saved too. ....


With regards to the travel expenses I need to ask one question with regards to those of Clr O'Neil..... where does he live in order to justify travel expense claims in 2008/2009 of ?7,958.85?


The majority of other councillors claimed a few hundred pounds with Marks claiming ?1,768.74.... pity the councillors won't come on here to defend these figures and tell us why they are more important to the town than a library or youth worker!


The other thing is why are some on a basic allowance of ?800 pounds or so, but the vast majority get ?7,779.38?

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Here you go Dizzy.... this will explain it all.




I still can't work out how O'Neil manages to claim so much travel expenses when they are only allowed to claim ?486.00 a year for travel within the Borough (Less if you aren't important) and mileage expenses of 60.1p a mile if your car is over 1200cc (Isn't everyones?)


Blimey he must have a big consituency!


60.1p a mile would normally (in the business world) attract tax after the first 40p but apparently there is a get out clause for councillors to get off paying tax on "official mileage"

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I really wish you hadn't posted all that at this time of the night Baz...


We are all clearly in the wrong 'job'.


Makes my blood boil that people who are really working their socks off (and I don't mean me as I'm not really compared to many others) as they don't get ANY of that where as these blummin councillors seem to get it all and a whole lot MORE on top and for what in return :roll:


No idea about the expenses query though but then again the council does always seem to manage to get their figures wrong.. wouldn't suprise me if they have accidentally quoted or calculated his wrong just to get some bad press for Labour (allegidely) :lol:

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Shouldn't cut backs start with them?

One of the names mentioned earlier does absolutely nothing except go to meetings for 5 minutes to claim expenses.


I hope these figures get plastered in the local press to show the residents what is going on. They might look at things differently if they knew the truth. :twisted::twisted:

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By 'eck the Bland family rake in some lucre. :roll:


I wondered what the link was between the Bland family and the flckr site - but there isn't one is there :?


There are some very nice photos well done PJ - I was looking at your signature link:)


Not only are there some interesting couples as Borough Councillors but also Parish Councillors. I always think it good if your partner does not have the same interests :wink:

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