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Good idea and very reasonably priced in these troubled times.


Do forum members get it for free (providing they have over 5000 posts of course) :D:lol::wink: ... thought not :P

Anyone can afford less than ?1 a week - so let me know what business you would like to promote :wink:

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I'm afraid that I didn't notice it at all Gary and I eventually found the directory (as I was looking for it) via the side link for 'Business and Recruitment'.


But now you have pointed me in the right direction I have seen the one you mean and I actually though the 'signpost' was linked to the NHS advert above it for 'Headache, Feverishness, Sickness, Diarrhoea and Flu :oops::lol:


..... well you did ask :oops: Maybe you need to put your 'I'm an outsider browsing' glasses on for a while :P:wink:


May I politely suggest that you add a big heading to your link so it is more noticableand says something like... "Warrington Worldide - Local Business Directory... CLICK HERE"


Or maybe not as I know you wont listen to me cos I know nothing :lol::P

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