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FAO Local Fly Tipper


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Mr or Mrs Fly Tipper....


Would you like to come back in which ever vehicle you used last night/this morning and REMOVE all the FILTHY, STINKY, WET PILES of CUSHIONS that you have DUMPED in VARIOUS locations around here :evil:


Yes I know I could ring the council and get them to send someone out in a van to remove them for you... but why should I do that and why indeed should the council have to do it !!!


Are you aware Mr or Mrs Fly Tipper that there is a local TIP that you could have used ??


Are you also aware that there is a very real possibility that someone may have seen you and your vehicle on your travels depositing your filthy belongins along the way... and yes it doesn't take a genious to work out where they have probably come from either !!!!!


As a reminder here is what you left... NOW BLOODY WELL GO AND REMOVE IT ALL...and I will say no more :evil:









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I know they probably wont see it SD but it at least made me feel slightly better having a rant about it and showing everyone what they have done... :oops:


You never know though.. and like I say chances are someone round here will have spotted them and the culprit/vehicle will no doubt be identified. A few more walks with the dog and the usual grapevine whisperings usually get back to me 8)


Maybe Gary can splash the photos across the front page of his next magazine with a heading 'DIZZY'S GOT A RIGHT STROP ON NOW....' :lol::lol:

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It's all immaterial now....


I've been contacted and it's being sorted by someone who hasn't turned into a couch potato after all and who is still sitting in the background and keeping an eye on things.


Thank you :D


I still don't think the council should have to move it all though... the 'tosser' should be found and made to pay :wink:

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:lol::lol: At least there was something of 'interest' for me to take some photos of I suppose. Not the same without snow and blue skies.


Anyway... I'd like to pose this question to you all.....


If you were the fly tipper.. would you dump a large pile in one spot then drive along and strategically place smaller piles 'neatly' in other nearby places.


Personally I would have just dumped them all in one pile and vacated the area rather promptly :wink:

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Peter, what are you doing wandering around here. :shock:

Were you checking that I hadn't edited the photos and super imposed cushions on them :lol:


If there a particular cushion you liked the look of you only needed to ask and I would have put it to one side for you :lol:


PS.... 2 parish council would have to be involved as they span the border. :wink:

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I'm not that bored obs :lol::wink: I could be accused of stalking the poor bloke :shock:


...... but I do have some pics of the ham packets. and the broken plastic storage, and plastic sheeting with someones address on it, and the carpet, and garden chair if you want me to upload those :oops::lol:

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Has anyone ever reported fly tipping? If so how long did it take before it was removed and what was the proceedure?


Been told that it is as follows... surely this can't be right :shock:


1 A person rings up and reports and incident of Fly Tipping (etc).


2 The incident is logged onto the 'system' accordingly Information stored under the callers name/address etc?


3 It is then passed over to the relevant department


4 An Enforcement Officer will then be deployed to the actual location within 2 working days to 'assess' the situation.


5. This assessment involves asertaining whether the items have indeed been 'Fly Tipped' (eh??) and also to ascertain whether the location ie road/field/verge etc is actually Council OWNED


6. If the enforcement Officer is happy and agrees with the original report (by the person reporting it) then....


7. Within 5 working days after this on location assessment the 'street team' will then be sent out in a van to remove the offending items


note re point 7 If the EO is not satisfied then I presume the items are just left there indefinately or until someone else choses to remove them.



AND OF COURSE (while I'm at it).... in the mean time, whilst all this is going on, many other people will probably ring up and report the same problem (logged under their names presumably) which takes up more of the call centre operatives time and which also gets passed on to the relevant department where someone will hopefully say 'oooh we've already had a report of that :roll:


It would be interesting to know how many 'repeats' of things are actually on the call centres logs and how that affect the statistics of productivity.


Would it not make more sense for the 'Enforcement Officer' to drive there in a van and if satisfied he/she could remove it whil he/she is there.... or better still just do away with the Enforcement Officer all together and just send the 'street bods' out in their van in the first place



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