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Peel Hall Decision


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Geoff, if you want a copy of the judgement transcript send me a message and I can email you one.


As for looking for an angle, what is the flood plain status of the land in question? Has anyone looked at the Environment Agency's website to see whether it is at risk, and if so, what Zone would it lie in? This can be a big hurdle.


What about the Air Quality issue? Wouldn't the Council's Environmental Health section be able to contribute something here? Could result in a big "stand off" zone from the M62 being imposed that would put a dint in the developable area.


Is there any Japanese Knotweed / Giant Hogweed on the site (invasive weeds)? These plants are problematic and can be very expensive to eradicate. Warrington has loads of Hogweed and Knotweed.


What about Public Rights of Way? Do they "carve up" the site into smaller parcels? Are there any new routes that people could lobby to get designated as rights of way and thereby further reduce or hinder development?


Lots of angles that you could take to attack any future development of this site, but it all depends on getting some basic information together. Developers love it when objectors don't marshall their facts - makes it easy to humiliate them at planning meetings :wink:

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