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Wakey - wakey!


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Any excuse eh :wink::lol:


How else would people get up without using some form of alarms though Obs ?


I set my normal alarm clock for 6.30am and also my mobile phone for 15 minutes later just incase.... both have 'snooze' buttons and both 'snoozes are used :oops: My son sets his too but my other half rings us both up from work just to make sure we have both surfaced :oops:


I hate getting up... :lol:

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I am the worlds best sleeper..... I can slepp anywhere and at any time. My wife gets me up with a shove and a cuppa most mornings as she goes out early while I walk the little lad to school!!


I too hate getting up and the last few weeks have been great!

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can't say that i rely on a mechanical/electrical alarm system as such. i am usually up and about at 7.15 in the morning as it is a time i have been used to getting up at for years. so much so that i find it difficult to sleep past that time even when, like the last week, i am full of the flu (and yes it was the flu and not "man flu")


it does mean though that the dog gets walked at a regular time :lol:


since starting to work for my brother i have had to get up at six in the morning to get the dog walked and see to the usual morning tasks. so i have set my alarm on my phone for six and it goes off on time. i know this as Mrs Sid wakes up at five to six and wakes me up to get ready for work. so i am wide awake when the alarm does go off.

despite this i still set it as setting it seems to imprint on my mind that i need to wake up at six which it does.

the one time i don't set it will be the time that i will oversleep when i need to be up. 8)8):lol:

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