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Petrol prices

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I've never filled it Obs. I only ever put ?20 in at a time then when the red light comes on I put another ?20 in and so on.


I have no idea why I do that other than habit and I can easily tell if I'm getting less miles out of it then :?:lol:


Do you think I need therapy :lol:

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Yes obs... I put my ?20 in and reset the trip meter.


I also check my tyres pressure every week or so, and I check my oil, water, brake fluid etc regularly too. I have just put a new windscreen wiper blade on.


Anything else you need to know :lol:

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I did hear some time back that filling your tank to the top (unless going on a really long journey) meant that you ended up using slightly more due to the weight of petrol in the tank.


I must admit that I always reset the trip meter when I have filled up and at the moment am getting very poor mpg out of my motor. i suspect it is a problem with a seal in the petrol tank that is allowing too much fuel to be used. I should be getting between 55 and 65 mpg (which was what it was doing when i bought it) now I seem to be getting about half that. Even the guys at the garage where I got it are a bit puzzled as it is not something they have ever come across. think i may have to look into getting a new tank fitted and see if that makes a difference. :cry:

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55 - 65 mpg is pretty good (well would be if you were still getting it)


What sort of car is it ?



PS Obs... yes I can, and have, changed my own wheels too. :P My spare is one of those stupid thin 'emergency only' bright yellow rimmed ones. How stupid do they look but they certainly make you buy a new tyre rather quickly :lol:


I struggled to do one on beastie car though I couldn't undo the nuts so had to ring my bruv and then I couldn't pick the hige wheel up cos it was too heavy :oops::lol::wink:


Why on earth are we talking about me and my car abilities (or lack of) Obs... are you obsessed with women who get their hands grubby :lol::wink:

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