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Good enough for Warrington Disability Partnership

Stephen Taylor

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Article in Warrington Worldwide


Charity celebrates

?1m windfall

by Gary Skentelbery




A WARRINGTON charity is celebrating a near ?1 million windfall to revamp their headquarters at a former 100-year-old primary school.

Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP) in partnership with Warrington Borough Council has been awarded with ?922,055 from the Big Lottery Community Assets Fund.

The funding will renovate the centre for Independent Living, (CIL) on Beaufort Street. All of the work will be undertaken using the latest environmentally friendly products and systems.




This makes my blood boil.. :biggrinbounce:


How come the council can see fit to invest in a scheme of this type, and yet tell us that a similar scheme at our school was impossible? If such a refurbished building is not fit for educational purposes, then how can it be fit for the purpose above. If such a building can be raised in standard to suit this need, then educational requirements being less exacting, could have been acommodated.


This is just another example of the double standards applied by this council, and just serves to illustrate that they will do what they want, when they want.


The SHP school fight was won fair and square by the action group, the council did not relish having lost, so they abused both position and power by going against normal protocol and resubmitted the application so as to confound the action group and the planning committee.


The new building looks totally out of place, it is cheap and nasty, and will not give children a better education. The new school is inferior, the windows are smaller, the corridors look narrow, the roof pitches are a nightmare, the roof material will be noisy when it rains.. I could go on, but hey what, you are probably bored by now. :brokenheart:

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Not sure WBC have invested money in the scheme....as they haven't got any, think it has all come from the Lottery Fund...and I'm amazed they've got any given how much is being diverted to prop up the 2012 Olympics.


With regards to the old School, I do hope that when the time comes to demolish it, what can be removed and reused will be, i.e. roof slates, timber etc...and not just carted off and thrown in land fill.

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Origianally posted by PK

Not sure WBC have invested money in the scheme....
Probably not Paul, but they are partners, they have taken money as they did with the school, but on this occassion have seen fit to accept that a refurb is the way to do it.




Seriuosly though, they have also said it will be environmentally 'friendly' an aspect they said could not be achived with SHCP school. This excuse was the most disgraceful thing I had heard, we have a new building with no ability to significanlty reduce carbon footprint, OUTRAGEOUS! In fact, the old building was Carbon Neutral on a whole life-cycle analysis, so any measures to utilise non-carbon sources or reduce useage would have been a better option.


Having said all of this, both you and I know that this had little to do with providing a truly appropriate solution.


As for the recycling of the old building, NOT A CHANCE, it will cost too much in time, something they don't have. :thumbsdown:

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Stephen - you will not win many votes with that attitude.

The two situations are entirely different.

One involved making a school fit for purpose for school children, the other involves using a defunct school, which has become home for a local charity, fit for purpose.

There is no way the funding secured for the charity project could have been obtained to revamp an existing school.

Two totally different issues.

If I had not read your whole post where you wish the charity all the best at the end, I would have taken a dim view of your posting as a trustee of the said charity! :o

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Sorry folks, I really have been misunderstood here, the point I try to make is that I whole heartedly support this development,I think it's great.


My despair is based on the apparent double standards that the council have applied here. This is a good scheme, it is capable of reaching good environmental standards, and the same approach could have been applied to the Stockton Heath School. The very arguments perported here as good, were used to debase the school building. This was a shameful act and we will loose a signifigant peiece of Warrington heritage.


I applaud the diability partnership, and I wish them well in this venture. :)


[ 10.04.2008, 23:01: Message edited by: Stephen Taylor ]

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