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Solicitor recommendation?

Geoff Settle

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Cheers Ade new you'd know, I'm going in for the school protest so I'll ask around the sq.


I'm not sure if the packs talk about Inheritance & Capital Gains Tax, Power of attorney, Intestacy, Will Planning & Spouse Exemption, position on widow's death etc. Bit too trchnical for me.


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Bit of free advice - try and consider all probabilities in your bequests i.e. kids marriages going under, wife dying same time as you etc. Dont generalise as even with a professionally drawn will, generalisatiosn will become problematical. If something needs to go specifically somewhere, say so and be specific abotu what it is i.e. car to charity

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geoff we had wills made out along time ago anyhow as my hubby had a heart attack in 2006!we thought better get it updated so before we went off on holiday did just that,,yes it is an eye opener..we did power of attorneys also and our wishes made known..and we didnt leave a stone unturned...right down to our death wishes basically....and what we were told if you die together the oldest one dies first[sometimes that can make a difference if they have other families involved]!I had a few dealings with John Morris in warrington many years ago and found him to be a nice guy,good at his job.Havent got a clue if he still works in warrington or evan practices thesedays. :wink:

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